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825,000yen(October, 1984 release)

The preamplifier of the KRELL of the 3rd work developed as a stereo preamplifier of No. 1 which can control the thought of the tone-quality investigation by the simple design put into practice by PAM-2 or KRS-1 in one volume as it is.

While reviewing the state of the signal path in a stereo machine, careful selection of the using element and part which can be said also as the extreme has completed the in-use cage and the quality preamplifier.
Moreover, the power-source part carried out the separation to the main unit like PAM-2, and has adopted the form of a right-and-left independency.

The tape-out selector and the balancer of a 1dB step in which dubbing between two tapeses is also possible, and MC amplifier which can use MC cartridge direct are carried.
A phone input is changed to man month and MC with the switchpoint on a substrate, and also nine steps of correspondences are possible for it to 5ohm-1kohm to MC.

In order to realize high-definition compact-disk input, the scheme which divides with other high-level inputs and is received with exclusive buffer amplifier is adopted.
Furthermore, the special phase compensator is carried in PAM-3.
This is the influence of the filter inside a CD player, is what noted that the phase between frequencies in an audio frequency band was disturbed, and has rectified the phase of the compact disk player connected by changing eight switchpoints per channel which it had on the substrate.

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo preamplifier
An input terminal/impedance Phono man month: 47kohm
Phono MC: 5ohm-1kohm (nine-step switching)
compact-disk: 47kohm
Tuner, AUX, Tape1, 2:10kohm
An output-terminal/impedance Pre Out1, 2, Tape Out: 10ohms
THD Phono: 0.01% or less
Tuner: 0.002% or less
Frequency characteristic 20Hz - -20kHz 0.005dB (AUX-Pre Out)
SN ratio (IHF-A) Phono:95dB
Phono maximum permissible input (1kHz) MM:200mV
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
Dimensions Main unit: Width 483x height 67x depth of 342mm (connector)
Power-source part: Width 75x height 80x depth of 228mm
Weight Main unit: About 4.4kg
Power-source part: About 1.6kg