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Klipsch Klipschorn Build-to-order article
892,800yen(one-set, around the 2005 time)

The speaker system which will be developed in the 1950s and has continued being henceforth made over about 50 years. Sale in Japan was resumed for YAMAHA as an agency in 2005.

The loudspeaker structure serves as an all horn type which used the horn type for all the bands.
If sufficient low-pass reappearance is aimed at, in order that a horn may solve the hangup of becoming a huge size, the horn of ideal length was folded up, it has stored in the enclosure, and the merit of the horn scheme is pulled out in the practical size.

The enclosure carries the 38cm (15 inches) aperture Woofer in the lower, and the mid range and tweeter of a compression driver + horn are carried in the top housing part.
By the synergistic effect with a horn scheme, any unit has acquired the natural reproductivity.

The original fall dead horn (bending horn) which the founder pole, W, and the Klipsch of the Klipsch company devised in the 1940s is adopted as the horn of a Woofer part,The cross section has a structure which folded up and stored to the enclosure the exponential horn which becomes large gradually, and which was designed by being based officially.
This horn is installing a loudspeaker in the corner of a listening room,The corner fraction is used as an extension of a horn and the air content required in order to reflect an elastic wave, to double the effective length of a horn and to reproduce the minimum sound of an organ and a steep elastic-wave wave by using like the mirror of the 3rd page of the surface of a wall and a floor surface is secured.

An enclosure has five kinds of surface finish.


Rating of a mode
Scheme 3 ways, 3 loudspeaker all horn scheme, and a floor type
Using unit For low-pass: Horn type
For mid ranges: Horn type
For high regions: Horn type
Frequency characteristic 33Hz-17kHz±3dB
Impedance 8ohms
The maximum input 100W
Output sound pressure level 104dB/2.83V/m
Cross over frequency 450Hz, 4.5kHz
Dimensions Width 794x height 1324x depth of 724mm
Weight 75.8kg