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The pictorial image of LS3/5a SignatureModel

KEF LS3/5a SignatureModel
75,000yen(one set, at the 1994 time?)

The signature model which designer Raymond Cook of LS3/LS3/5, and 5a supervises and by which it was developed based on LS3/5a announced in 1975.

The spec was strictly managed to the built-in unit by one pair of right and left, and only what passed a severe testing called an error of }0.5dB or less as a stereo pair is adopted as it,KEF B110C type SP1228 11cm unit is used for the inside low-pass up to 3kHz, and T27SP1032 tweeter is used for high regions.
In order to seal the interior of an enclosure completely and to consider it as air tightness, the PVC sheet was made the edge of the Woofer, it takes it, the decoupling of the unit was carried out, and the ceiling is given.

The network part consists of quality parts which attain to 26 selected carefully, performed the respectively individual coordination to one 1 loudspeaker by computer simulation, and it has managed the property of a systemwide strictly so that it may fit in less than }0.25dB of a BBC spec.

In the front baffle, felt material was given to the surroundings of the unit and the interference by oscillation of a cabinet is eliminated.
the 12mm birch with a high intensity which was excellent in the enclosure as a sound material (famous as piano material) -- material is adopted. Furthermore, the internal intensity is raised by applying beech material to a joint and using it for it as a tree.
Moreover, the outside face serves as finish with the board of teak material, and serves as finish which harnessed natural grain.
The internal structure is considering the rear panel as the fixture, and is investing in the air tight seal from the main unit of a cabinet to the threaded screw hole. Moreover, it covered with the polyurethane form with a high mass to the back pressure from a loudspeaker unit, and the internal vibration is eliminated.

A loudspeaker terminal takes a large opening, begins an interconnection of a banana chip termination, and is aiming at the correspondence to various quality cables.
Moreover, it has a bi-wiring termination and the by amplifier drive is also supported.

The gold plate on which the sine of Raymond Cook was stamped is attached to the rear panel, and it is shown in it that it is a special version by the developer's himself direct editorial supervision.

Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways, 2 loudspeakers, a sealing scheme, and a bookshelf type
Using unit For low-pass: 11cm cone type (B110C)
For high regions: 1.9cm dome shape (T27)
Frequency characteristic 70Hz-20kHz}3dB
59Hz -6dB
Impedance 11ohms
Output sound pressure level 82.5dB / 2.83 Vrms/m (50Hz - 20kHz)
Maximum permissible input 30W
Internal volume 5.5L
Dimensions Width 190x height 304x depth of 162mm
Weight 5.0kg