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This speaker system was born as a crystal of sound technology and woodworking technology of JBL.

The D50S8 has a 2-way configuration before 1964 and a 3-way configuration after 1964.

There were two variations of the enclosure finish : a hand-carved grid grill and a cloth grill.
The difference between these models is represented by the model number, with the grid grill ending with -2 and the cloth grill ending with -1.

Model Rating
Method 2-3 Way, 2-3 Speaker, Closed System or Passive Radiator System, Floor Type
Model Name D50S6 D50S7 D50S8 D50S12 D50S14 D50S7R D50S8R
Configuration Low band LE15 LE15A LE15 LE15A LE15 LE15A LE15A LE14A LE14A LE15A
For Middle Range LE75+HL91 LE85+HL91 375+HL93 375+HL93 LE20 LE75+HL91 LE85+HL91 375+HL93
High pass 075 075
Network LX5 LX5 LX5 LX5 LX5, N7000 LX8 LX7 LX5 LX5, N7000
Enclosure C50 Olympus
Age 1960 1962 1960 1962 1960 1962 1964 1964 1964 1965 1965
Crossover frequency - 500Hz 500 Hz, 7 kHz
Impedance - 8 Ω 8 Ω
Sound pressure level (new JIS) - 95dB 95dB
Allowable input (continuous program) - 100W 125W
External dimensions Width 1,020x Height 670x Depth 510 mm
Weight (packed) - 74kg 82kg