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76,000yen(one-set, around the 1979 time)

The speaker system with which JBL pursued the likelihood of the bookshelf type system thoroughly taking advantage of the abundant experiences of the production of a loudspeaker.

Diameter Woofer 127A of 25cm attached the "shell" original with JBL back, and smoothed the impedance curve, and the transient has also improved it with the frequency characteristic.

The diaphragm which a phenol treatment is carried out and has the optimal mass and rigidity is the transparent tone quality which was excellent in the directivity and the transient, and reproduces the diameter dome tweeter 033 of 2.5cm out of an audio frequency band.


Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways, 2 loudspeaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type
Using unit For low-pass: 25cm (127A)
For high regions: 2.5cm (033)
Allowable input 35W (succession special NetWare program)
Impedance 8ohms
Cross over frequency 1800Hz
Output sound pressure level 88dB (new Japanese Industrial Standard)
Dimensions Width 381x height 584x depth of 302mm
Weight 20kg (at the time of an original packaging)