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230,000yen(one set)

3 way system which accumulated new sound technical capabilities of those days.

A Woofer adds a 30cm aperture passive radiator to the 30cm aperture and this loading, and whose tone quality and property improved the <SFG> magnetic circuit which decreased in number distortion sharply, and reproduces the bass extended forcibly.

It is a loudspeaker which adopts a 13cm aperture cone type as a squawker, adopts a 2.5cm aperture dome shape as a tweeter, and carries out the suitable full music play to a floor type.

Rating of a mode
Form 3 ways and a 3 loudspeaker 1 passive-radiator floor type
Using unit For low-pass: 30cm aperture cone type (128H)
For mid ranges: 13cm aperture cone type (LE5-10)
For high regions: 2.5cm aperture dome shape (044)
Passive radiator (PR300)
Allowable input 200W (succession special NetWare program)
Impedance 8ohms
Cross over frequency 1100Hz, 3700Hz
Output sound pressure level 89dB/W/m
Level control Succession good transformation (a mid range, high region)
Dimensions Width 432x height 1054x depth of 330mm
Weight 41kg (at the time of an original packaging)