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A speaker system developed with the aim of reproducing sound at a high volume level that is reminiscent of live performance.

The low range is equipped with 128H which is a 30 cm cone type woofer.
This unit is equipped with a 4.7 kg ferrite magnetic circuit using JBL's original symmetrical field geometry (SFG).
The SFG is designed so that the magnetic field between the top plate and the pole piece is completely symmetrical, taking advantage of the low strain rate and little secular change of magnetic characteristics, which are the advantages of ferrite. In addition, a high-conductivity ring called a Faraday loop is attached to the bottom of the pole piece to stabilize the mutual magnetic flux in the structure without affecting the coil impedance. This reduces the second harmonic distortion induced there. This greatly improves the physical characteristics of the woofer such as low-frequency characteristics and input-resistant characteristics.
For the vibration system, hard cone paper with optimum mass and density and 7.5 cm diameter copper ribbon edgewise wound voice coil are adopted.

A newly developed 30 cm cone type passive radiator, PR300, is combined in the low range.
This improves the dynamic range by extending the response to the ultra-low range.

13 cm cone type mid-range LE5-10 is used for the mid-range.
The LE5-10 uses a hard cone paper, the voice coil uses a precisely designed 2.2 cm diameter copper ribbon wire that is stable against excessive input, and the magnetic circuit uses a magnetic flux density of 14000 gauss.
It is also housed in an independent sub-chamber to prevent rear interference with the woofer unit.

033, a 2.5 cm diameter dome-shaped tweeter, is used for the high band.
The diaphragm is made of resin-impregnated linen. With a 2.5 cm diameter aluminum ribbon voice coil and a 14000 Gauss magnetic circuit, linearity is good even for high-frequency pulsed signals, and distortion-free sound is achieved even at high output.

In the network section, a circuit including a phase correction circuit and an impedance correction circuit, which prevent phase disturbance between units, has been incorporated into a printed circuit board to improve the connection between units.
It also has a continuously variable level control for the mid - and high-frequency ranges.

The entire enclosure uses a 1.9 cm thick rigid particle board.

The net grill has 3 color variations of camel, red, and brown.

Model Rating
Method 3-way, 3-speaker, passive radiator system, floor type
Units Used For Low Band : 30 cm Cone Type (128H)
For Middle Range : 13 cm Cone Type (LE5-10)
For High Pass : 2.5 cm Dome Type (033)
Other : 30 cm cone type passive radiator (PR300)
Dedicated 3-way network
Allowable input 200W (continuous program)
Impedance 8 Ω
Crossover frequency 1 kHz, 4 kHz
Output sound pressure level 88 db (New JIS)
External dimensions Width 432x Height 1,054x Depth 330 mm
Weight 36.4kg