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A speaker system developed for recording, mixdown and mastering in large studios where high sound pressure levels are required.

All performance levels such as input resistance, frequency response, distortion and dynamic range are uncompromised, and clear sound localization and sound field reproducibility are obtained by the mirror image pair configuration of left and right channel symmetry.

In the low range, it is equipped with 2 pieces of 2235H which are 38 cm cone type woofer.
This unit adopts the basic design common to 2234H, such as SFG magnetic circuit with low distortion factor, strong cone with high compliance edge, long voice coil with winding width of 19 mm, and reinforced suspension, and realizes low distortion factor and high input resistant characteristics.
In addition, a mass control ring is added to the vibration system of the 2235H, which lowers fo and increases the rigidity of the vibration system base, and the low-end regenerative capability is further expanded than that of the 2234H.

It is equipped with 2202H which is a 30 cm cone type woofer in the middle and low range.
This unit uses a strong magnetic circuit equivalent to a 38 cm woofer, giving it excellent power for SR.

The mid-range area is equipped with a horn type mid-range combining a 2441 driver, a 2311 horn and a 2308 lens.
The 2441 is a large compression driver based on the 375 used in commercial sound systems. It combines a powerful magnetic circuit of an Alnico V magnet with a diamond suspension diaphragm. Despite being a large diameter driver with a 5 cm throat, it smoothly expands the response up to 18 khz. In addition, the diamond suspension has the same quality and reliability as a roll edge, yet achieves linearity better than a tangential edge. Aluminum ribbon is used for the voice coil.
The 2308 is a compact horn lens designed for large 5-cm throat drivers. The Shortcut Exponential Horn 2311 is made of cast aluminum. The Slant Plate 2308 is an acoustic lens that forms an 80 ° horizontal x 45 ° vertical directional pattern and is fixed to the front of the baffle with Velcro tape. The horn lens is ideal for playback within 10m range.

A horn type tweeter, 2405H, is installed in the high frequency range.
This unit is a split-horn tweeter developed for wide-range studio monitors. While inheriting JBL's high-efficiency and high-input-resistance characteristics, it realizes a linear response of up to 21.5 khz and directivity of 140 ゜ horizontally x 40 ゜ vertically (10 khz).

The enclosure uses a bass reflex system, and the mid-woofer is housed in a special chamber to eliminate interference with the woofer.
The exterior is a walnut oil finish and comes with a dark blue grill.

The 4355 is designed exclusively for bi-amplifier drive, and the low-frequency and mid-low frequencies and above are independent inputs.

To split the frequency between the woofer and mid-woofer, use an optional 5234A (or 5234) channel divider and a 290 hz, 18dB/oct. crossover card (51 to 5145).
Mid-woofer and higher levels can be adjusted with 5234A, and the driver and tweeter can be adjusted individually with the main body attenuator.

Model Rating
Method 4-Way, 5-Speaker, Bass Reflex System, Floor Type
Units Used For low band : 38 cm cone type (2235H) x2
For Middle Low Band : 30 cm Cone Type (2202H)
For Middle and High Area : Horn Type (2441 + 2308 + 2311)
For High Frequency : Horn Type (2405H)
Frequency characteristic 31.5 Hz to 18 kHz ± 3 dB
28 hz to 20 khz + 3 -6dB
Allowable input 400W (290 Hz or less)
200W (290 Hz or more, attenuator 0 dB)
* Rated value obtained by 2-hour test using pink noise specified in IEC268-5
Sound pressure level
(average of 500 Hz to 2.5 kHz)
96dB/W/m (290 Hz or less)
99dB/W/m (290 Hz or more)
Maximum SPL 126 dB (continuous program)
* 85m318.6m3Sound field in a hearing room with uniform sound absorption of the same size.
Impedance 4 Ω (290 Hz or Less)
8 Ω (290 Hz or More)
Crossover frequency 290 Hz (18dB/oct, bi-amplifier crossover)
1.2 kHz, 10 kHz
Directional Horizontal 120 ° x Vertical 40 ° (12 khz)
Enclosure volume 269 liters (Woofer)
45.3 liters (mid-woofer)
External dimensions Width 1223x Height 901x Depth 510 mm
Weight 120kg
Sold Separately Channel Divider 5234A (¥ 140,000, around 1984)
Crossover Card 51-5145 (¥ 11,000, around 1984)