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680,000yen(one-set, around the 2000 time)

The refinement model of the reference monitor 4344 developed on the theme of the low distortion and the wide-range play.
Overwhelming dynamism remains as it is and has realized the still wider and smooth response.

The high rigidity fiber composite cone which gave the Aqua positive coating to low-pass on the cone top layer, and gave moderate dumping,ME150HS of the 38cm Woofer unit which contained the SFG (symmetrical field geometry) magnetic circuit which drives a cone by low distortion by a symmetrical magnetic field is carried.
The original Ben Ted gap cooling organization in which power compression is not generated at the time of a succession and the Dainyuu power, either, and the, conjointly excellent the Tran Gent property and a low distortion are realized.

2123H which is a 25cm cone type unit is carried in inside low-pass.

Compression driver 275Nd which adopted the neodymium magnet is carried in mid-high ranges.
A sense of togetherness of a horn and an acoustic lens was raised, Shadow Effect has been improved, and the clearer image lateralization is realized.

2405H of the ultra high frequency driver of ring radiator adoption is carried in high regions.
The signal exceeding an audio frequency band and the high robustness which sounds with a succession and high power and is put have been acquired.

The network circuitry is made into the object for bass regions, and the independent platform which separated the band above an inside bass region.
In the circuitry more than an inside bass region, the bias was added to the capacitor and the occurrence of zero cross distortion is eliminated by adopting the charge coupled linear definition network which carries out the first class operation of this.
Moreover, a large-sized binding post type is adopted as a loudspeaker terminal, and the by amplifier drive and the bi-wiring interconnection are also supported.

The Attenuator volume which can adjust inside low-pass, a mid-high range, and the output sound pressure level of each unit of a high region is equipped.
Moreover, the enclosure is using MDF material.


Rating of a mode
Scheme 4 ways, 4 loudspeaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type
Unit etc. For low-pass: 38cm cone type (ME150HS)
For inside low-pass: 25cm cone type (2123H)
For mid-high ranges: +1 inch of 5cm driver (275Nd) slow トホーン
For high regions: Driver type (2405H)
Frequency characteristic 30Hz - 22kHz (-6dB)
Output sound pressure level 95dB/2.83V/m
Impedance 6ohms
Allowable input 200W(IEC)
Cross over frequency 340Hz, 1300Hz, 8000Hz
Dimensions Width 635x height 1051x depth 383(lens, grill included 435) mm
Weight 81.9kg