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This speaker system is the successor to the 4311B, which has gained an overwhelming reputation in studios and broadcasting stations around the world and has also been active as a home use.

Equipped with 30 cm cone type woofer 2213H in the low range.
This unit combines a low-distortion SFG magnetic circuit with Lansa Plus Coated Cone Paper and mechanical strength from a ribbed aluminum die-cast frame.

The 13 cm cone type Scorker LE5-12 is mounted in the middle area.

A 3.6 cm cone type direct radiator LE25-2 is installed in the high range.

There are two level controls for the mid-range and high-range.
These level controls can be adjusted while the grill is still attached.

The enclosure uses a bass-reflex method and has a walnut oil finish on the exterior.
In addition, the unit layout adopts a mirror image pair configuration with symmetrical symmetry to improve sound image localization.

Model Rating
Method 3-Way, 3-Speaker, Bass reflex system, Bookshelf Type
Unit For Low Band : 30 cm Cone Type (2213H)
For Middle Range : 13 cm Cone Type (LE5-12)
For High Range : 3.6 cm Cone Type (LE25-2)
Playback frequency band 45 Hz to 15 kHz ± 3 db
Directional (horizontal / vertical) 90 °
Crossover frequency 1.5 kHz, 6 kHz
Impedance 8 Ω
Output sound pressure level 91dB/W/m
Allowable input 80W (continuous program)
Enclosure volume 40L
External dimensions Width 362x Height 597x Depth 302 mm
Weight 20kg