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The pictorial image of Reference Standard I

INFINITY Reference Standard I
2,200,000yen( It is 1 set in two sets, 1980 release)

The speaker system which realized the play [ flat / to super-low-pass one ] by the newly developed servo sensing network. The focal point of the image of a high region is made sharp, and the image lateralization is clarified.

Six 20cm cone type units are carried in low-pass.

Six EMIM type units are carried in inside low-pass.

One EMIM type unit is carried in the mid-high range.

Three EMIT type units are carried in the high region.

One EMIT type unit is carried in the super-high region.

The channel divider is attached.

Rating of a mode
Scheme 5 ways and 17 loudspeaker floor type
Using unit For low-pass: 20cm cone type x6
For inside low-pass: EMIM type x6
For mid-high ranges: EMIM type x1
For high regions: EMIT type x3
For high [ super-] regions: EMIT type x1
Frequency band 25Hz-32000Hz}2dB
Impedance 3ohms
Cross over frequency 140Hz, 700Hz, 3000Hz, 8000Hz
Dimensions Low-pass part: Width 360x height 1500x depth of 360mm
Mid-high-range part: Width 600x height 1500x depth of 600mm