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INFINITY Kappa 8.1i
230,000yen( one-set, around the and 1993 time)

The floor type speaker system which combined the latest acoustical engineering with the enclosure of column form, and realized a wide-range flat response and extensive directional characteristics.

The 30cm cone type Woofer by an IMG cone is carried in low-pass.
This IMG cone is a cone which consisted of composite materials of a graphite fiber and polypropylene, and is fabricated under loud sound and a high voltage (injection molding: Injection Molding). The graphite fiber is radiately arranged toward the perimeter from the hub, and its undeformed operation area of a cone is large, and it has obtained the performance without a breaking up of a cone.
Moreover, in order to raise special design-shaped a curvy linear cone (an intensity is added to the waveguide plunger under motion) and an intensity, the inverting dust cap by which the new-installation meter was carried out is adopted, and deformation of a cone is small suppressed also under the high power status.
In Kappa8.1i, a light weight and quantity rigidity-ization (it is light 10% and harder than before 5%) are attained from the conventional IMG cone.
Furthermore, the phi133x19mm magnet and the ribbon wire which demonstrates power to an instant large current are adopted as a magnetic circuit.

The 16cm cone type mid bath unit which used the IMG cone is carried in inside low-pass, and the relation with a Woofer is made smooth.

The 7.6cm poly dome shape unit which adopted the diaphragm which inherited the technology of the first Kappa series is carried in the mid-high range.
This diaphragm is a thing of a software polypropylene synthetic of the newly developed super-thin film (0.3mm), and also the diffuser of the aluminum mesh is attached to the dome rear surface. Disorder of the frequency characteristic by a rear surface wave is suppressed without applying an append to a diaphragm by this diffuser, and the flat frequency characteristic and Low-noise-izing are attained.
Furthermore, the sound energy emitted to the dome rear surface was led to the back cavity from the center of a magnetic circuit of the special structure, and has eliminated the influence by backplane sound pressure.
This poly dome is driving the diaphragm of the shape of a low dome of Q from the dome perimeter with the large-diameter edge volume voice coil.

The planar drive type EMIT-R tweeter which adopted the circular diaphragm is carried in the high region.
The planar diaphragm of an EMIT-R tweeter is using the ultra-thin KAPTON film, carries out photo etching of the annular voice coil to the top layer, constitutes a timbal, and is driving the diaphragm directly combining a special-shaped magnetic circuit.
This has acquired the flat frequency characteristic and extensive directional characteristics.

A network design performs a real-time fine tune in an anechoic chamber, and finally it is the same room as actual family environment, and it is a computer which uses a MLSSA FET special NetWare program, and the area of each loudspeaker unit of operation is determined, and also it opts [ it repeats many audition experiments and ] for it.
Moreover, each component partses, such as a capacitor, a resistor, a coil, are selected carefully by subjectivity audition experiment, and are using the very-thick monster cable of the Infiniti special edition also about internal-wiring material.

By amplifier is supported and inside loud sound is equipped with level adjustment.

The enclosure has adopted the column-like polygon cabinet in order to suppress the influence of an internal stationary wave to a min. The baffle material of 26.5mm thickness, native wood solid oak material, and a board with an oak are stuck.
Moreover, the bass-reflex duct is prepared in the lower of an enclosure backplane, and it adjusts for tuning of a bass and the room using the spike which can be removed.

There was also a Black oak model as an ordering model.

Poly Input

Rating of a mode
Scheme 4 ways, 4 loudspeaker bass-reflex scheme, and a floor type
Using unit For low-pass: 30cm cone type
For inside low-pass: 16cm cone type
For mid-high ranges: 7.6cm dome shape
For high regions: Planar type
Frequency characteristic 32Hz-35kHz}2dB
Input impedance 6ohms
Output sound pressure level 89dB/2.8Vrms
Allowable input 300W
Cross over frequency 180Hz, 700Hz, 4.7kHz
Dimensions Width 415x height 1200x depth of 300mm
Weight 36.5kg
Adjunct Spike