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12,000,000yen(It is 1 set in two sets, around the and 1980 time)

Completing [ making full use of the speaker technology which INFINITY can consider ]-at last speaker system in order to tell raw music and its impression plainly.

It is constituted by the right-and-left channel from a total of four sets of the units of two sets of two sets of Woofer units, and mid ranges / tweeter units.

About the •Đ channel, a 30cm polypropylene corn type unit is carried out in six pieces and an inside region, and 36-piece (front 24, rear surface 12) arrangement of the electro magnetic induction type unit is carried out in 12 electro magnetic induction type units and a high region low-pass.

Rating of a mode
System 3 ways and 54 speaker floor type
Use unit For low-pass: 30.0cm corn type x6
For inside regions: EMIM type x12
For high regions: EMIT type x36
Frequency band 16Hz-40000Hz}2dB
A mid range / tweeter recommendation amplifier 100 W/ch - 500 W/ch
Crossover frequency 70Hz (variable is possible to 60Hz - 120Hz with control amplifier)
Dimensions Woofer unit: Width 457x height 2290x depth of 457mm
A mid range / tweeter unit: Width 100x height 2290x depth of 250mm
(Base portion: Width 100x depth of 450mm)
Weight 544.8kg (system weight)