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The picture of Mastering Monitor20

HARBETH Mastering Monitor20
\103,950 (including-tax, one-set,around the 2006 time)

The replacement monitor speaker of LS3/5a developed for the grade 2 voice monitor of BBC (monitor for a check of narration etc.).
It has the same composition from the tuning method of HL P3ES-2 and enclosure to the driver unit used and the crossover network.

The 11cm polypropylene corn type Woofer which uses a 25mm aluminum boss coil is carried in low-pass.
The smooth piston motion has been obtained with the edge which uses a low loss material.

The 19mm aluminum hard dome shape tweeter is carried in the high region.
ferrofluid cooling processing in which the play capability stabilized by the application of magnetic oil also at the time of high temperature could be acquired was performed, and more exact reproducibility has been obtained by using a synthetic resin for edge.

A Woofer unit is arranged back more slightly than a tweeter, and is attaining optimization of the phase characteristic in near a crossover point, and an axis top power response.
Moreover, after the design of a network circuit is based on the technique of LS3/5a, it repeats the audition which thought the reproducibility of man's voice as important, and is elaborating sound.

Enclosure is designed spending much time on the dumpling of wood, and tuning of a response,Original enclosure design "SuperTunedStructure" which studied behavior of the sound in encapsulated type enclosure thoroughly based on computer analysis is inherited and adopted.
Moreover, the round baffle which suppresses the sound wave analysis in a baffle end, and the technique of SuperGrille which attains optimization of sound wave propagation by embedding the grill of a jersey material at a front baffle are also adopted.
Finish of enclosure is gray texture Payne Ted finish.

The type corresponding to a gilding banana plug is used for an input terminal not as original speakon socket specification but as special edition.

Rating of a mode
System 2 way, 2 speaker, sealing system, and book shelf type
- Magnetic-shield type
Use unit For low-pass: 11cm corn type
For high regions: 1.9cm dome shape
Play frequency band 75Hz-20kHz±3dB
Crossover frequency 3.2kHz(18dB/oct)
Output sound pressure level 83dB/W/m
Impedance 6ohms
The maximum input 50W (program)
Recommendation amplifier input 25W-120W
Dimensions Width 188x height 305x depth of 198mm
Weight 5.9kg