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75,000yen(one-set ,around the 1995 time)

The speaker system developed by the basis of the theme how to take shape by the small enclosure which is easy to use the Haar Beth house sound centering on HL Compact7.

The custom-made driver unit by the original material adjustment which established the strict pair-matching standard is adopted as a unit.
Furthermore, the influence on TV screen etc. is prevented by performing magnetic-shield processing.

The 11cm corn type Woofer which used polypropylene for the diaphragm material is carried in low-pass.
A 25mm aluminum voice coil is used and it is mounted by the die-casting chassis. Furthermore, a new low loss material was adopted as surround, and the more smooth piston action is attained.

The 1.9cm dome shape tweeter which Haar Beth adopts and which used aluminum for the diaphragm has been carried in the high region since HL Compact.
Black anode processing is performed to aluminum like HL Compact, and intensity is raised. moreover, the ferrofluid which promotes the thermal diffusion at the time of a high fever by applying magnetic oil to a voice coil -- an id - cooled processing is performed and it is possible for it to be stabilized and to reproduce a high region.
Furthermore, a new synthetic resin material is adopted as dome edge.

In a crossover network, full use of a computer or test equipments is made, and it is designed in it become the optimal.
Furthermore, the balance tuning which Alan Shaw himself, the designer, tunes up on the basis of the reproducibility of the voice of close relatives including beloved daughter Leanne is carried out to the determination of a final sound.
Moreover, consideration of making a network attachment position approach a rear panel terminal part etc. is carried out.

The terminal of banana plug correspondence is adopted as a speaker terminal by gilding finish, and bi-wiring connection is also possible.

Enclosure is the encapsulated type which used the MDF material, and internal volume has become 5.6l.
STS (Super Tuned Structure) which is the tuning technology established by HL Compact7 is given to structure, and it has tuned up to it for the thin material, without rigid-body-izing wood thickly in vain. damping of the unnecessary vibration is carried out with the physical properties and combination of the material itself the manufacturing process of stringed instruments including a violin, and by referring to a sound technique and making several materials from which resonance and a stiffness differ between materials with high hardness stratify.

What inherited the Frameless Frame system adopted by HL Compact7 is adopted as a grill.
According to the structure where the frame edge of the grill which uses a jersey material fit exactly into the slot of a front baffle, one nature with enclosure is improved, sound wave reflection is prepared, and the improvement of directional characteristics and the acoustic image normal position is aimed at.

Rating of a mode
System 2 way, 2 speaker, sealing system, and book-shelf type
- Magnetic-shield type
Use unit For low-pass: 11cm corn type
For high regions: 1.9cm dome shape
Play frequency band 76Hz-20kHz±3dB (on @1m axis)
Pair-matching accuracy Less than 0.75dB
Crossover frequency 3.5kHz(18dB/oct)
Output sound pressure level 82.5dB/W/m
Impedance 6ohms
Maximum permissible input 45W (continuation)
Dimensions Width 188x height 305x depth of 194mm
Weight 5.7kg