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GOTO UNIT SG-70 36,000yen(One set. It put on the market in February, 1978 and afterwards. )
39,800yen(One set. It put on the market in May, 1979 and afterwards. )

The horn type tweeter unit which hits the horn modification type of SG-7.

The cut-off 2.5kHz new style horn attached to a board is adopted as a horn part.

The magnetic circuit serves as an inner magnet type.

The Mylar (FRP) edge is adopted.

Rating of a mode
Scheme Horn type tweeter unit
Music power 5W
Impedance 8ohm-16ohm
Sound pressure level 110dB
Frequency characteristic 2.5kHz - 25kHz
The total magnetic flux 38,000maxwell
Flux density 15,000gauss
The optimal crossover 4kHz or more
Horn S-2000, Aluminum round bar
Diaphragm FRP edge
Dimensions Diameter 80x depth of 43mm