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GOTO UNIT SG-370BL 320,000yen(One set. It put on the market in February, 1978 and afterwards. )
350,000yen(One set. It put on the market in May, 1979 and afterwards. )

The driver unit for mid-high ranges using a beryllium diaphragm.

The beryllium diaphragm is adopted as a diaphragm.
A beryllium is a very light element and has a hardness more than double of titanium . However, by the element as it was, it was unstable, and when the upper crystal broke, it was about the hangup that poisonous gas occurs. In order to improve this, in the GOTO unit, what molded the powder of beryllium oxide is used and it is made the shape of a dome shape by carrying out the special process of this.

The Mylar (FRP) edge is adopted as an edge part.

The magnet of 140mmphi which uses a permendur in large quantities is adopted as a magnetic circuit.

Rating of a mode
Scheme The driver unit for mid-high ranges
Music power 5W
Impedance 8ohm-16ohm
Output sound pressure level 116dB
Play frequency band 400Hz - 20kHz
The total magnetic flux 1,100,000maxwell
Flux density 24,000gauss
The optimal crossover 500Hz - 5kHz
Gap scheme Permendur
Horn S series
Diaphragm A beryllium dome, a Mylar FRP edge
Dimensions Diameter 140x depth of 130mm