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GOTO UNIT SG-17S/A 49,800yen
(One set. It put on the market in February, 1978 and afterwards. )

The horn type tweeter unit of SG-17 series.

The horn part is a hyperbolic curve with the hole-was-made structure about the aluminum round bar, and is united with the driver. By this horn, the perfect horn loading started the diaphragm and the air impedance is uniformly applied to all the frequencies.
Moreover, by A type, the horn is changed and the cut-off frequency has become 2.5kHz.

The Mylar (FRP) edge is adopted.

The edgewise volume voice coil which used the aluminum ribbon line is adopted as a voice coil.

The ring magnet of a Ferrite type is adopted as a magnetic circuit.

Rating of a mode
Scheme Horn type tweeter unit
Music power 5W
Impedance 8ohm-16ohm
Sound pressure level 110dB
Frequency characteristic 2.5kHz - 25kHz
The total magnetic flux 120,000maxwell
Flux density 18,500gauss
The optimal crossover 4kHz or more
Horn SG-17 S:S-2000, Aluminum round bar
Diaphragm FRP edge
Dimensions Diameter 105x depth of 130mm