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Multi-kit for easy assembly of premium natural wood finished enclosure.

High quality plywood of sufficient thickness is processed for the board material.

It comes with an adhesive for assembly, wood screws, glass wool, and a removable front grill.
BK120 is a floor type kit with a rosewood finish.

Model Rating
Type Enclosure kit
Model Name BK8 BK15 BK25 BK45 BK70 BK120
External Dimensions (W x H x D) 145x290x222mm 205x419x255mm 290x520x245mm 356x640x295mm 419x700x348mm 610x765x450mm
Plate thickness 12mm 15mm 15mm 18mm 21mm 24mm
Weight 2kg 4kg 7kg 12.5kg 17kg 34kg
Internal volume 8 liters 15 liters 25 liters 45 liters 70 liters 120 liters