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Enclosure kit made of plywood with cherry wood finish.

There is a set of adhesive, wood screws, glass wool and front grill.

The baffle plate does not have hole processing, and holes can be made according to the unit to be used.

Model Rating
Type Enclosure kit
Model Name BK25A BK45A BK75A
External Dimensions (W x H x D) 280x450x295mm 336x586x341mm 397x742x375mm
Plate thickness 15mm 18mm 21mm
Weight 7.5kg 12kg 18kg
Internal volume 25 liters 45 liters 75 liters
Compatible Unit 16 cm ~ 20 cm 20 cm ~ 25 cm 25 cm ~ 30 cm
Material Plywood
Finish Sakura
Example of attachable unit FE167, FF165N
FW208, FW227
FE207, FF225N, FE204 FW305