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A manufacturer established in 1926. ELAC seems to be an abbreviation of ElectroAcustic.
When the company was founded, it produced sonar and other products. As an audio manufacturer, it started in 1945. At first, it seemed to have developed record players and cartridges (since 1957). After that, it started developing speakers in 80's, and now it is a speaker manufacturer.
The ELAC cartridge was specially installed on the SX-68 cutting machine of Neumann for trial listening of the original disc, and it received the evaluation of professional playback standard.

Sales in Japan
In the 60 s, Sony acted as an agent. In the 70 s and 90 s, Elektri acted as an agent, and now ユキム acted as an agent.
Around 1970, the cartridge was sold under the Electro Acctric brand. Even at that time, all products were sold under the ELAC brand overseas, but in Japan, one importer registered the trademark without permission of Elac and it became a commercial international issue, so it was sold under the Electro Acctric brand with Elektri.