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Dual 701
165,000yen(It puts on the market at the 1970 in-the-early time(?))

The record player which adopted the electronic-control direct drive motor.

The direct-drive system which the motor itself rotates at record speed is adopted.
By the original feedback circuit, the rotating speed is kept constant. Moreover, since it is direct-current motor, the influence by change of power supply voltage or frequency has been prevented.
Furthermore, according to the double structure of the field coil, the continuation pulse of a rotation magnetic field is offset and rotation unevenness and an oscillating trouble are suppressed.

By a four-point gimbal ring original with a tone arm part dual, it is held at 0.015g or less of level frictions, and a 0.25g very light stylus force has realized positive trace.
Moreover, the interference to the vibration and cartridge from a drive system is eliminated with the special vibration filter built in the balance weight.

Equivalent to commercial M15E Super to a cartridge or the alt. phone M20E of the model only for dual 701 with the engine performance beyond it is adopted as it.

It unites with the rotor part of a motor for DD system, and the turntable has realized stable rotation.


Rating of a mode
Form Record player
Drive system Electronic-control direct drive
Motor Super-low-speed direct-current motor (EDS1000)
Number of rotations 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm, electronic adjustment
Stroboscope Stroboscope disc built-in
Wow and flutter ±0.03% (DIN 45507)
Tone arm 222mm of active length
Vibration mechanical filter built-in
Overhang 5mm adjustment is possible.
Needle pressure adjustment A Direct-reading type dial, 0g - a 3g variable
Auto mechanism A single play, full auto
Case Dual original
Base: CK22
Covering: CH6
Cartridge Ortofon M20E
Dimensions Width 420x height 147x depth of 365mm
Weight 10.9kg (with a case)