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Design Acoustics D-12A
290,000yen(one-set, around the 1985 time)

Indirectional 12 face-piece speaker system designed carry out presence of all the equal zones in any positions.

It is walnut finishing.

Rating of a mode
System 3 ways, 10 speakers, a sealing system, and a floor type
Use unit
For low-pass : 20cm corn type x2
For inside regions : 13cm corn type x2
3.8cm dome shape
For high regions : 3.8cm dome shape x3
2.5cm dome shape x2
Frequency response 30Hz-18kHz±2dB
Directional characteristics 180 degrees and a 360-degree change are possible.
Impedance 4ohms
The maximum input 200W
Output sound pressure level 89dB/W/m
Dimensions Diameter 660x560mm in height (plinth included)
Weight 31.5kg