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360,000yen(around the 2002 time)

The DVD Audio video player corresponding to a progressive output.
It is based on the THX ultra standard which is the quality standard advocated by Lucasfilm.

Compared with the interlace currently used for terrestrial TV broadcasting etc., the progressive method with the twice [ about ] as many amount of information as this is supported.
In DVD-A1, a new converter is jointly developed with Silicon Image, and the "new pure progressive circuit" which realizes still more exact and high-speed progressive conversion compared with the former is carried.
Thereby, high-speed detection of a 3-2 pull down in film mode is realized, and the noise is decreased.
Moreover, the image for the 4 field is captured into a memory, animation information detection and picture compensation are performed, and the compensation to a motion of the picture between the fields is performed. To performing picture signal detection per 1 field, by new pure progressive, compensation processing in a 1-pixel unit was enabled, and the animation and the still picture are distinguished more to high precision by the usual progressive.
Furthermore, the flicker by detection delay is prevented also to the sauce in which film mode and a video mode are intermingled, and high-definition progressive playback of all discs is enabled.

The thing of 14 bits/108 MHz is adopted as Video DAC.
Two videos DAC were separately used with the object for progressive signal processing, and the object for interlace signal processing, and the mutual intervention of progressive and an interlace picture signal is eliminated.
In the case of a progressive video signal, it raises to oversampling 4 times, and, in the case of an interlace picture signal, raises to oversampling 8 times, and finer D/A conversion processing is performed.

The super subalias filter is adopted as the filter which intercepts the unnecessary zone signal ingredient more than a signal zone of the video signal after D/A conversion.
This filter made the inside of a required zone the flat characteristic so that it might not have a bad influence on a picture signal, sufficient barrier property was given and the noise is removed by return in the unnecessary zone.
Since the super subalias filter is carried also not only to a luminosity signal but to chroma, the video S/N ratio is improved.

With NSV (noise shaving video) technology, while driving away the video noise ingredient to the unnecessary zone, the analog filter removed the noise effectively, and the S/N ratio of a video signal is improved.

The analog-spectrum form reappearance technology corresponding to 192kHz of sampling frequencies of DVD-Audio and AL24 Processing Plus are carried.
This interpolates digital data so that the analog-spectrum form with which the sound must have existed in the nature at the key may be approached in the inputted digital data,By reproducing the 16-bit data of CD etc. by a 24-bit quality, the music play capability at the time of small volume, such as a reverberant sound, is heightened.
moreoverThe interception zone which was the conventional featureAdapted type Digital Filter (Adaptive Line Pattern Harmonized Algorithm & Automatic Low Pass Filter Harmonic Adjustment) which carries out variable automaticallyIt has succeeded and generating of cuff distortion, such as linking, is suppressed also at the time of pulsive signal regeneration.

The multi-24 bitD/A converter is carried in all the channels at the D/A conversion part. Furthermore, front 2ch has 4DAC composition.
Moreover, a multi-24 bitD/A converter cannot be easily influenced by the noise by change of power supply voltage (current), and since the quantization distorted level in a zone is concerned with frequency and is [ that there is nothing ] fixed, the clear play to which a noise does not ring in the lug easily is still more possible for it.

Dolby digital and a DTS decoder are carried.

The HDCD decoder is carried.

S. Carry the V.H (Suppress Vibration Hybrid) loader.
Large-sized plate wearing of the tray which adopted the vibration-proof high paint, and the tray rear which prevents delicate modification etc. has realized reservation of the stable rotation, and absorption of vibration.

The vibrationproofing design has been performed in order to make hard to receive the bad influence by the vibration from the outside.
It is considered as the 4 layer hybrid 6mm thickness structure which becomes a sole plate used as the foundation of a chassis from the copper-coating sheet steel of 1.2mm thickness, and the 1.6m sheet steel of three sheets.
Moreover, the thing of a sintered alloy is adopted as an insulator and the vibration from the outside is absorbed.
Furthermore, a sole plate, the side and a front gusset plate, and the copper-coating sheet steel of four sheets of 1.2mm thickness are used, and by considering a chassis as 3 box composition, while separating structurally a power-source part, and a video digital circuit part and the audio circuit unit, intensity is raised.
Moreover, the grand electric potential of the whole chassis is brought close to this electric potential by performing copper-coating processing, and the control effect of the electric noise is also heightened.
Moreover, upper surface covering uses three kinds of plates in which the form of 1.2mm thickness differs, and is using the die-casting aluminum panel of 2.5mm thickness for a side.

The Mechanism-base made from an aluminum casting is used for a DVD mechanism-unit and a transformer between chassis.
Operation which absorbed its own vibration, and absorbed an external vibration, and was stabilized by carrying out specification of the parts in which materials differed is secured.

The power source which became independent, respectively was used for the signal-processing block, the video block, etc., and the mutual intervention with other blocks is eliminated.

The audio system board, the image system board, the digital system board, and the power supply system board were considered as the substrate layout which became independent for every block, and interference with other circuits is eliminated.

Low impedance-ization of a ground is attained in an audio circuit and a power supply circuit, and the copper bypass plate is used for a grand pattern in them.

Quality parts, such as an electrolytic condenser for audios, are adopted as an audio block or the power-source block for audios.

The balance output by a high-speed transmission element is possible between the AV amplifiers made from DENON which carry DENON LINK and correspond.
(The gold model put on the market in November, 2002 and afterwards, and the black model of limited production)The two highest grace digital signal which are 192kHz which DVD-Audio has/24 bit was begun, and all the high-definition digital signals were carried in DENON LINK S.E. which can be transmitted by full specifications to the multichannel signal by PCM.

The digital input terminal is carried and AL24 Processing Plus can be utilized with external digital equipment.

In order to realize a pure audio play, the pure direct mode is carried.
In this mode, the audio signal of an analog and each of the digital signal output in which it is easy to interfere, a picture signal output, and a display display can be stopped, and only voice response can be outputted.
Two kinds of mode setup is possible, and the memorized mode can be changed with the pure direct switch of a main part panel.

Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Sharpness, and Gamma can be adjusted to favorite image quality.

A setup of a speaker configuration and a setup of delay time are possible because of an exact multichannel play. A setup united with the conditions of the room reproduced while looking at a monitor screen is possible.

Since MP3 which is digital voice compression technology is supported and CD-R / RW play is supported, a file play of the MP3 format recorded with the personal computer is possible.

A play of the JPEG picture recorded on CD-R/RW is possible.

The signal of both the systems of NTSC/PAL is supported.

A play of a Kodak Picture CD is possible.

Remote control of an illuminaned button switch is attached.

There was also a black model by limited production.

Internal Chassis
An Cast Cast
The progressive converter by Silivon Image 14bit/108MHz Video D/A converter AL24 Processing Plus processor 192kHz/24bit D/A converter

Rating of a mode
Form DVD-Audio / Video player
Video D/A converter 14 bits/108MHz (it is [ progressive and ] exclusive DAC loading to the interlaces of each)
Audio D/A converter 192kHz/24bit
Decoder Dolby digital, DTS and MLP, HDCD
Correspondence format DVD, CD, Video CD, MP3, a Kodak Picture CD, JPEG
Multi-function Multi-phonetic function
Multi-title function
Multi-angle function
Viewing-and-listening restriction function
Marker function
Compression function
Play function Repeat play
A-B repeat play
Random play
Program play
Slow play
Top sending and a top return play
Continuation play memory function
Image output terminal Composite output: Two lines
S image output: Two lines
Component output: One line
D connector (D2 correspondence): One line
Denon link output One line
Digital audio input terminal Light: One line
Same axle: One line
Digital audio output terminal Light: One line
Same axle: One line
Analog audio output Front: Two lines
A center, surround, a subWoofer: One line
<Video property>
Composite output Output voltage: 1 Vp-p (75-ohm load)
S image output Y Output voltage: 1 Vp-p (75-ohm load)
C Output voltage: 0.286 Vp-p (75-ohm load)
Component output Y Output voltage: 1 Vp-p (75-ohm load)
Cb, Cr Output-voltage:0.7 Vp-p (75-ohm load)
D connector Y Output voltage: 1 Vp-p (75-ohm load)
Cb, Cr Output-voltage:0.7 Vp-p (75-ohm load)
Picture characteristics Signal to noise ratio: 65dB or more
Horizontal resolution: 500 or more
<Audio characteristic>
Voice response 2Vrms (1kHz, 0dB, 10kohm load, a front / center / surround / subWoofer)
Frequency response
DVD: 2Hz - 88kHz (192kHz Sampling)
2Hz - 44kHz (96kHz Sampling)
2Hz - 22kHz (48kHz Sampling)
CD-DA, VCD : 2Hz - 20kHz
Signal to noise ratio DVD, CD: 118dB
THD DVD:0.0015%
Dynamic range DVD:108dB
Channel separation 110dB
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 38W
Dimensions Width 434x height 136x depth of 395mm (a foot, a knob, a terminal included)
Weight 18.5kg
Attachment Remote control RC-552