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69,800yen(around the 1981 time)

All direct-current amplifier composition.

A F-ALLOY combination head is adopted.

The non slip reeled live winder style which achieved the improvement in durability, and a roadability improvement.

A both-directions cue mechanism with easy song selection.

Front remote control loading (RC-55)

Dabbled ruby loading.

VU meter

Rating of a mode
Form Cassette deck
Motor DD servomotor
direct-current motor
Head Recording play: F-ALLOY combination
Elimination: Double gap ferrite
Wow and flutter Below 0.04%W.rms
A comprehensive frequency response Metal: 20Hz - 22kHz
The comprehensive signal to noise ratio 63dB or more (%THD for three, CCIR/ARM)
Input Microphone: They are conformity /0.35mV to the microphone below 10kohm.
Line: 70mV/50kohm
Tape selector NORMAL, FeCr, CrO2, METAL
Power consumption 25W
Dimensions Width 434x height 117x depth of 300mm
Weight 7.0kg