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69,800yen(1992 release)

The cassette tape deck which pursued real clearness of the sound according to a thorough vibrationproofing structure.

The closed loop original with DENON, dual capstan system 3 head, and the high reliability rotary encoder system computer control silence mechanism are carried.
While attaining sharp reduction of the abnormal-conditions noise by vibration of a tape by severing disturbances, such as vibration of a reel, among 2 sets of capstans, the smooth head touch and the quiet feeling are secured.
Furthermore, C.C.C.S (ceramic composite cassette stabilizer) which fixes a cassette half firmly is adopted, by holding down a half's vibration, the stability of a tape run is improved and the faithful play is enabled.

The Recording-play head is using the high permeability alloy amorphous core without a crystal structure, a single crystal oxygen-free-copper line is used for coil wire material, an improvement of a frequency response and the MOL characteristic is aimed at, and a transparent feeling and a feeling of the normal position are raised.
The Dolbey HX pro is carried. To an incoming signal, this circuit operates, when there are many high region ingredients, and it lowers the amount of bias automatically from an oscillator.

Dual power supply direct-current amplifier composition is adopted, and a low-noise, an extensive dynamic range, and broadband-ization are attained.

If the REC return key is carried, the position of a recording start is memorized and the REC return key is pressed, it returns automatically to the position of a basis and will be in the state of standby.

The linear time digital counter is carried and performance time can check at a glance.
Moreover, the tape size selector is carried.

The auto tape monitor is carried, and when a power source is turned ON and it changes into the state of Play, Rec, and Play (Rec Mute), a monitor is automatically set to the tape side.

Yesterday, such as wide-range FL peak meter, bias fine adjustment, and the Dolbey MPX filter switch, is carried, and operativity is improved.

Wireless remote control is attached.

Rating of a mode
Form Dual capstan 3 head cassette tape deck
Truck system Four two truck stereo
Tape selector Three-step auto selector (Normal, High (CrO2), Metal)
Head a Recording play -- : -- amorphous core and PC-OCC head x every 1
Elimination: Double gap ferrite head x1
Motor Electronic-control direct-current motor (for capstans) x1
direct-current motor (for reels) x1
direct-current motor (for mechanism control) x1
Wow and flutter 0.035% W.RMS(JIS)
±0.07% W.Peak (EIAJ)
Fast forward time About 90 seconds (C-60)
A comprehensive frequency response (-20dB) Metal tape: 15Hz - 22kHz (20Hz-21kHz±3dB)
The comprehensive signal to noise ratio 76dB (% THD for three, CCIR/ARM, Dolby-C)
Input terminal (Volume MAX) Line: 80mV/50kohm, disequilibrium
Output terminal (Volume MAX) Line: 620mV (at the time of 47kohm load)
Headphone: Suit the headphone of 1.5mW (at the time of 8-ohm load), 8ohms - 1.2kohm.
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 19W
Dimensions Width 470x height 135x depth of 353mm
Weight 8.8kg
Remarks Wireless remote control