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107,000yen(around the 1968 time)

The highest-class tape deck designed as an object for pros.

By plug-in 3 head, it can detach and attach on 4 trucks and 2 truck.

Mixing, an echo, and multiplex recording are possible.

It can operate by remote control.

Rating of a mode
Form Tape deck
Truck form Four trucks, two channels
Magnetic tape velocity 19 cm/s, 9.5 cm/s (electric change system)
The use maximum reel No. 7
Recording system Exchange bias system
Elimination system Exchange elimination system
Recording time At the time of 9.5 cm/s: Two both-way hours (stereo)
Fast forward/rewinding time 50 seconds (at the time of 366m tape use)
Wow and flutter 19 cm/s: Below 0.2%rms
9.5 cm/s: Below 0.25%rms
Frequency response 19 cm/s: 30Hz-20kHz
9.5 cm/s: 30Hz-15kHz
Signal to noise ratio At the time of 4 trucks: 48dB
At the time of 2 trucks: 50dB
Input terminal High impedance microphone: Abbreviation-50dB (2.5mV)
Line-in: -15dB (140mV)
Output terminal Low impedance cathode follower type
Output voltage: +4dB (1.2V)
Power supply voltage AV100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Width 414x height 480x depth of 220mm
Weight 25kg