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225,000yen(around the 1981 time)

Microphone 12dB attenuator, bias and EQ continuation variable function, a timer mechanism, a recording mute, a pause, following recording, Rhine Mike Mixing, remote control terminal loading.

Rating of a mode
Form 38 / 2 tiger tape deck
Motor 6 pole out rotor type AC servo
Six pole eddy currentx2
Wow and flutter (w. rms) 38cm : 0.025% or less
19cm : 0.03% or less
A comprehensive frequency response 38cm: 30Hz-30kHz±3dB
19cm: 20Hz-25kHz±3dB
The comprehensive signal to noise ratio 66dB or more
The 3rd THD of synthesis 0.1% or less
Input Microphone: They are conformity /0.2mV to the microphone below 50kohm.
Line: 61.5mV/100kohm
Power consumption 80W
Dimensions Width 455x height 475x depth of 210mm
Weight 22kg