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16,000yen(around the 1973 time)

Tone arm for broadcast which began HK and was adopted in the commercial broadcasting office etc. It is the universal tone arm designed in professional engineering, maintaining the engine performance and durability of DA-302/DA-303/DA-304.

In the revolving-shaft carrier part, in order to maintain high sensitivity and quantity reliability over a long period of time, two miniature bearings were used for the level revolving shaft, and it has protected with double housing.
Moreover, in order to acquire fricative stability of an up-and-down rotation part, the pivot which carried out precision polish finishing after tempering with the Ain Guller type bearing especially with little friction change was used, and also a bearing part is protecting by a special elastic body, and is very stable to the vibration and the impact from the outside.

The Direct-reading system of a micrometer form is adopted as a needle pressure adjustment system.
In DA-305, it is designed so that a needle pressure scale may be displayed in consideration of a conformity cartridge at two places, and that whose cartridge tare is up to 9.5g uses the black scale by the side of an arm fulcrum, and the cartridge of the range up to 9.5g-15g is easily discriminable with an orange scale.

The balance of the transverse direction of an arm uses a pipe as S character type, maintains lateral balance, and is suppressing the vibration by the torsion.

Four-channel use is also supported by using a low capacity cord.

Gilding is given to all the contact members including the contact member of 4P connector.

PCL-3 is adopted as head shell. The weight saving of shell is attained suppressing a vibration by using the special light alloy of 1.2mm of board thickness.
Moreover, for a certain reason, the margin of the screw length hole for cartridge attachment can fully attach various cartridges.

Rating of a mode
Form Universal tone arm
Form Static balance type
Arm length 347mm
Active length 244mm
Offset angle 21 degrees
Overhang 14mm
Tracking error Less than ±2 degrees
Needle pressure adjustable range 0-3g
Conformity cartridge tare range 4g-15g
Height adjustable range 35mm - 70mm
Shell tare About 8.5g
Shell connector EIA standard 4P connector
Board thickness which can be attached A maximum of 30mm
Output cord Low capacity cord with 5P connector