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Step-up transformer for MC type cartridge equipped with pass circuit.

It is equipped with a path circuit that is convenient for exchanging two types of cartridges (MM type and MC type) with one arm and listening.

It uses a transformer designed for the DL 103 and DL 103 s.
Double shield improves SN ratio.

Uses a low-capacity output cord.

Model Rating
Type MC booster transformer
Winding ratio (step-up ratio) 1:10
Primary impedance 40 Ω
Secondary impedance 4k Ω
Frequency characteristic 20 Hz to 40 kHz
Deviation (for 1 kHz) Within ± 1 dB
Magnetic shield Double
Cord length Approximately 1.2m
External dimensions Width 51x Height 53x Depth 181 mm
Weight 0.65kg