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2,000,000yen(one-set, around the 1996 time)

Highest-class monophonic power amplifier which adopted the UHC single push pull circuit.

In order to unify the two poles of "delicacy" and "forcibleness" at a high dimension, a large current type element and UHC MOS are adopted for the first time in the audio circuit.
It is improved more than a bipolar transistor and gm (amplification factor) makes possible 35 pieces of MOS FET currently generally used, and the current linearity for three pieces of the bipolar transistor with one element.
This has completed the single push pull circuit which bears the large current corresponding to low impedance load.

Cascode bootstrap connection is adopted and the magnitude of junction capacity is solved by always making voltage concerning UHC MOS regularity. Furthermore, since high temperature stability was also realized, it was not based on a severe operating condition, but the acoustic feature which UHC MOS has is made use of.
furthermore -- without it applies a burden to a voltage magnification stage by this circuit -- simple & of two steps of voltage magnification stages, and one step of electric power magnification stages -- straight composition is gained.

The output circuit part has realized operation stabilized by the UHC single push pull circuit.
moreover, the thing for which the coil of sauce resistance and an output circuit is eliminated -- more -- high -- purity transmission is enabled.

Since the Oide power is acquired with low power supply voltage by adoption of a BTL circuit, adoption of the outstanding device for sound is possible.
Moreover, full separation of the ground circuit and speaker Output voltage used as a standard of operation was carried out, and the bad influence to a music signal is eliminated.

In the power-source part, by carrying out two-piece parallel connection of the large-sized toroidal transformer, a transformer's own impedance is further reduced by half, and current supply capacity is heightened.
Moreover, the internal vibration is thoroughly eliminated by development of the open type toroidal transformer which removes an upside case.

In the UHC power supply circuit, loss voltage is sharply reduced by using the large current element UHC MOS.
About 40% of Schottky barrier diodes, the current loss of UHC MOS is equivalent to about 20% of common silicone diodes (10 A:00), and is carrying out possible [ of the 240A thing current supply ].

In order to realize perfect oscillating deterrence of a large-sized toroidal-transformer and power radiator, it is the Oshige quantification of a chassis,Direct mechanical grand structure was adopted, two large-sized toroidal transformers and heat sinks were directly fixed to the foot, and influence is eliminated by not giving other circumference circuits and a common oscillating course.


Rating of a mode
Form Monophonic power amplifier
Output power 1400W (1 ohm, 1kHz, THD 0.5%)
1000W (2 ohms, 1kHz, THD 0.5%)
500W (4 ohms, 1kHz, THD 0.5%)
250W (8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz, THD 0.05%)
THD 0.008% (20Hz - 20kHz, 8 ohms, Output-power-3dB)
Cross modulation distortion 0.003% or less (7kHz : 60Hz = 1:4 or 8 ohms, Output-power-3dB)
Output bandwidth 5Hz - 50kHz (THD 0.05%, 8 ohms, Output-power-3dB)
Frequency response 1Hz - 300kHz (at the time of 8 ohms and 1W output)
Input sensitivity Normal:1V
Input impedance Normal: 47kohm
Balanced: 47kohm
Output load impedance 0.05ohm (1kHz)
Signal to noise ratio
(A curve waiting)
Speaker output terminal 1ohms or more
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 1100W
Dimensions Width 483x height 273.5x depth of 683.5mm
Weight 79.0kg