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145,000yen(1975 release)

The Integrated Amplifier developed in pursuit of the view of Simple is Best.

The head amplifier only for MC form cartridge is built in.

Two-step change volume control, the tone-defeat switch, and a low / high cut filter are carried.

Rating of a mode
Form Integrated Amplifier
<Power amplifier part>
Circuit system Pure complimentary whole page direct connection OCL circuit
Output power (both channel drive) 70W+70W (8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz)
80W+80W (8 ohms, 1kHz)
THD 0.05% or less (at the time of an Output power)
Cross modulation distortion 0.1% or less (at the time of an Output power)
a power band -- the Wiz 8Hz - 30kHz
Frequency response 8Hz-150kHz+0 -0.5 dB
Input sensitivity 1Vrms
Output load impedance 0.16ohm or less
Remains noise 0.5mV or less
<Preamplifier part>
Maximum except take-off 14.2 or more Vpeak
THD 0.02% or less (at the time of an Output power)
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono1:3.5mVrms/50kohm
Phono2 MM: 3.2mVrms/30kohm
Phono2 MC: 0.32 mVrms/150ohms
RIAA deflection 20Hz-20kHz±0.3dB
Signal to noise ratio (IHF, A network) More than Phono1:78dB
Phono2 MM: 78dB or more
Phono2 MC: 65dB or more
Tone control part frequency response Tone defeat: 7Hz-300kHz+0 -1dB
Tone filter: 15Hz-60kHz+0 -1dB
High filter cutoff frequency 9kHz, 18 dB/oct
Low filter cutoff frequency 40Hz, 18 dB/oct
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law) 185W
Dimensions Width 430x height 140x depth of 350mm
Weight 12.5kg