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69,800yen(around the 1988 time)

The Integrated Amplifier which built in the D/A converter.

The right-and-left channel independent "W super linear converter" system born from the technology cultivated by business-use digital (PCM) apparatus is adopted as a D/A converter.
In order for there to be no conversion error (distorted) at the time of the Dainyuu power and to use 2 sets of D/A converters, it excels in a channel separation and a right-and-left channel time lag is not generated, either.
Moreover, the oversampling digital filter is adopted 4 times and the straight line phase characteristic is improved.

Three coaxial digital inputs are carried and the optical digital input terminal is also equipped.
By the digital audio multi-interface recovery circuit equipped with the digital input selector by a high-speed C-MOS logic circuit, the difference in a sampling frequency is also identified automatically and D/A conversion is carried out.

Between the digital audio interface recovery circuit unit and the D/A converter circuit units is shielded.
Moreover, the exclusive power source made to become independent of a secondary transformer side was prepared in the interface circuit, and the power supply circuit detour of the digital signal which serves as a lower person of the noise of an analog signal is prevented.
Moreover, it has prevented that a digital signal leaks to an analog part by covering with the shielding case which serves as vibrationproofing of a chassis or a wiring board.

The power amplifier part has the composition of having pursued high-power-izing and simple-ization of the circuit.
The high speed and the mass transistor are used for a final stage by the single push pull, and the voltage magnification stage used low noise and the operational amplifier of low distortion for the first rank, and has adopted the complimentary push pull circuit as two steps and the 3rd step.

The digital direct input switch is carried, and after a digital signal is changed into an analog signal, it is directly linked with power amplifier and is enabling the straight play.
Furthermore, among speaker 2 terminals, the direct connection system which does not pass a change-over switch is used for one line (speaker B), and it lessens the transfer loss.

The toroidal transformer of a 400VA rank and the electrolytic capacitor of 8,200 micro Fx4 are adopted as a power-source part.

In order to correspond to playback of an analog record, the equalizer amplifier which constituted the first rank from low noise transistor differential amplification is carried.

An audio system and a digital system are dissociating from a power-source part through a large-sized heat sink, and are suppressing influence.

The Subsonic Filter for Phono is carried.

The reset type high-speed protection circuit of an establishment meter is adopted.

Broadband real-time tone control is adopted.


Rating of a mode
Form Digital multi-interface loading Integrated Amplifier
<Power amplifier part>
Output power (20Hz - 20kHz) 100W+100W (8ohms)
120W+120W (6ohms)
Input sensitivity/impedance CD input: 150mV/30kohm
THD 0.005% (20Hz - 20kHz, 50W, 8ohm)
A dynamic characteristic / dynamic power 230W/2 ohm
Output bandwidth 5Hz - 50kHz (Output 50W, 0.5%, 8ohms)
Line-in frequency response 4Hz-100kHz+0 -3 dB (outputs 1W and 8ohm)
Output load impedance 0.1ohm or less
Output terminal Speaker: AorB:6-16ohm, A+B:12-16ohm
Headset-jack maximum except take-off: 390mW (8ohms), 8-400-ohm conformity
<An interface / the DAC section>
A digital output level / impedance Same axle: 0.5 Vp-p/75ohms
Standard light input x1
Frequency response (0dB) 5Hz-20kHz±0.3dB
Signal to noise ratio (dB for zero, 1kHz) 105dB
Dynamic range (1kHz) 96dB
THD (0dB, 1kHz) 0.003%
<Preamplifier part>
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono MM: 2.5mV/47kohm
Phono MC: 0.2mV/100 ohms
CD, Tuner, AUX, Tape1, 2(PB):150mV /, 30kohm
The maximum except take-off and an Output power 8V.150mV
THD 0.003% (1kHz, 1V)
RIAA deflection 20Hz-100kHz±0.3dB (MC.IN)
Signal to noise ratio
(the auditory sensation weighting A, input short circuit)
Phono MM:87dB
Phono MC (at the time of a 0.25mV input): 70dB
Line: 108dB
Tone control characteristic Bass: 100Hz±8dB
Treble: 10kHz±8dB
Loudness control characteristic 100Hz+7dB, 10kHz+6dB
Muting switch -20dB
Power consumption 167W
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Width 434x height 143x depth of 390mm
(includeds, such as a foot, a knob, and a terminal)
Weight 10.0kg