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33,000yen(1991 release)

The Integrated Amplifier which investigated the orthodox school which adopts a large-sized toroidal transformer and exceeds a class.

The large-sized toroidal transformer with few magnetic flux leaks is adopted as a power-source part.
Moreover, by adoption of low impedance volume, the impedance of the volume control circuit was lowered and the S/N ratio in a general listening level and aggravation of the frequency response are prevented.

The play which carries the tone control circuit, and reinforcement of a low-pitched sound region or upper register is possible, and also is powerful with a loudness also at the time of small volume makes it possible.
Moreover, the sauce direct switch is carried, by turning ON this switch, a tone control circuit is eliminated and the high play of reliance purity is enabled.

The wide-range equalizer amplifier in which a MC/MM change is possible is carried.


Rating of a mode
Form Integrated Amplifier
<Power amplifier part>
Output power (20Hz - 20kHz) 73W+73W (6ohms)
60W+60W (8ohms)
Dynamic power 140W+140W (2ohms)
120W+120W (4ohms)
Input sensitivity/impedance
CD input : 150mV/47kohm (sauce direct-off)
150mV/15kohm (sauce direct-on)
THD 0.008% (1kHz, 30W, 8ohm)
Cross modulation distortion 0.007% (an equivalent for output 60W, 8ohms)
Output bandwidth 5Hz - 40kHz (Outputs 30W and 8ohm, 0.07%)
Line-in frequency response 4Hz-100kHz+0 -3 dB (outputs 1W and 8ohm)
Output load impedance 0.1ohm or less
Speaker output terminal AorB: 6ohms - 16ohms
A+B: 12ohm-16ohm
Headphone maximum except take-off 28mW (8ohms)
8ohm-400ohm are suited.
<Preamplifier part>
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono MM: 2.5mV/47kohm
Phono MC: 0.2mV/100 ohms
The maximum except take-off/Output power 10V/150mV(Rec out)
RIAA deflection 20Hz-20kHz±0.3dB
Signal to noise ratio
(the auditory sensation weighting A, input short circuit)
Phono MM: 94dB (at the time of a 5mV input)
Phono MC: 75dB (at the time of a 0.5mV input)
CD, Tape, Tuner, Aux: 107dB (at the time of sauce direct-on)
Tone control characteristic Bass: ±8dB (100Hz)
Treble: ±8dB (10kHz)
Loudness control 100Hz:+7dB
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 118W
Dimensions (a base, a knob, a terminal included) Width 434x height 120x depth of 279mm
Weight 5.8kg