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An AV receiver with a synthesizer tuner and wireless remote control.

We emphasize the quality of the amplifier section and incorporate DENON's amplifier technology.
The power stage adopts a non-switching class A power amplifier stage with a complete DC amplifier configuration.
The main signal and power supply are completely separated via a heat sink to prevent quality degradation.

Equipped with a 16-station random preset FM/AM synthesizer tuner.
16 random preset memories are available by combining FM and AM stations.
It uses a 4-way tuning system. For example, one touch random preset tuning that directly calls the desired station out of 16 stored stations, automatic tuning that automatically finds and tunes radio waves by auto-scanning, manual tuning that detects weak radio waves, and last-channel memory tuning that selects the station that was last received.
A terminal type low-impedance loop antenna is used in the AM section.

Two video devices can be connected.
In addition, by using the simulcast copy function, you can freely combine video and audio.

Equipped with an MC/MM phono equalizer amplifier.

It is equipped with a processor loop can be used to connect surround processors and graphic equalizers.

Equipped with a tone control circuit and a variable loudness control circuit.

Equipped with a reset-type high-speed protection circuit.

Model Rating
Type AV Receiver
Power Amplifier Unit
Rated Output (20 Hz ~ 20 kHz) 65W + 65W (8 Ω)
Maximum Practical Power (EIAJ) 95W + 95W (8 Ω)
110W + 110W (6 Ω)
Input Sensitivity / Impedance CD Input : 150 mv (maximum 10 v) / 47k Ω
Total harmonic distortion factor 0.0095% (20 Hz to 20 kHz, 32.5W, 8 Ω)
Cross modulation distortion factor 0.025% (equivalent to 65W, 8 Ω)
Dynamic Power 175W (2 Ω)
Output bandwidth 5 Hz ~ 40 kHz (Output 32.5W, 0.05%, 8 Ω)
Line input frequency characteristic 20 Hz ~ 50 kHz ± 1.5 dB (1W, 8 Ω)
Output impedance 0.1 Ω or less
Output terminal Speaker : AORb : 6 ~ 16 Ω, A + B : 12 ~ 16 Ω
Headphone Jack Maximum Output : 80 mW (8 Ω), 8 ~ 400 Ω Compatible
Preamplifier Section
Input Sensitivity / Impedance Phono MM : 2.5mV/47k Ω
Phono MC : 0.25mV/100 Ω
CD, AUX, Video/Tape1, VCR/Tape2 (PB) : 150mV/47k Ω
Maximum Output / Rated Output 10V/150mV (Rec Out, Processor Loop Out)
RIAA deviation 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz ± 0.5 dB (MM IN ~ Rec Out & Processor Loop Out)
SN ratio (input ratio (input short-circuit, auditory sense compensation A) Phono MM : 82 dB at 2.5 mV input
Phono MC : 62 dB (at 0.25 mV input)
Line : 98 dB (at 150 mV input)
Tone control characteristics Bass : ± 8 dB (100 Hz)
Treble : ± 8 dB (10 kHz)
Loudness property
(continuously variable, maximum)
Image Section
Terminal Video-In, VCR-In/Out, Monitor-Out
Rated voltage / impedance 1Vp-p/75 Ω (Both input and output)
FM Tuner Section
Receiving frequency 76 MHz to 90 MHz
Intermediate frequency 10.7MHz
Antenna terminal Coaxial 75 Ω & terminal type 300 Ω equilibrium
Practical sensitivity 9.3dBf
SN ratio 50 dB sensitivity stereo:36.5dBf
Effective selectivity 60 dB (± 400 kHz)
Capture ratio 1.2dB
IF interference ratio 70dB
Image interference ratio 40dB
AM suppression ratio 60dB
Frequency characteristic 20 Hz to 15 kHz + 0. 2-0. 5 dB
Corrected SN ratio mono:82dB
Total harmonic distortion rate (1 kHz) mono:0.07%
Resolution 48dB(1kHz)
<AM Tuner Section>
Receiving frequency 522 kHz to 1629 kHz
Intermediate frequency 450kHz
Antenna terminal Terminal type
With low impedance loop antenna
Practical field strength 300 μ V/m
One signal selectivity 40 dB (± 9 kHz)
Image interference ratio 40dB
Signal-to-noise ratio 53dB
Total harmonic distortion factor 0.5%(1kHz)
Power consumption 113W
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
External dimensions Width 434x Height 137x Depth 378 mm (including foot, knob, terminal, etc.)
Weight 8.9kg
Attachment Remote Control RC-75 (SUM-4x2)