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69,800yen(around the 1968 time)

The tube Integrated Amplifier which is equivalent to the top model of those days to which the design which also bears a professional use was performed.

The tone control defeet switch is carried.

Wooden cabinets are adopted.

Rating of a mode
Form Integrated Amplifier
Maximum except take-off 60W+60W
Output power 40W+40W (0.2% or less of distortion)
60W (0.2% or less, 1kHz)
40W (1% or less, 50Hz - 10kHz)
Frequency response 10Hz-80kHz±1dB (output 20 W:00)
Input terminal Mic, Phono1, 2:1.5mV/50kohm
Tape Head: 1.5mV/300kohm
Tuner, Aux, Tape:100mV/100kohm
Remains noise 2mV or less (16-ohm terminal)
Cross talk -50dB
Output terminal 8ohm, 16ohm
An attached circuit Tone control defeet switch
Noise filter (18 dB/oct)
An attached terminal DIN terminal
Headphone jack
Speaker phase change
Tuner terminal
AC electric socket
The semiconductor used Vacuum pipe: 12
Transistor: Six pieces
Power supply voltage AC100V/110V
Power consumption 150W
Dimensions Width 530x height 208x depth of 370mm
Weight 20kg