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DB SYSTEMS DB-1/DB-2 212,500yen(one-set, around the 1978 time)
198,000yen(one-set, around the 1979 time)

Control amplifier which the David Hadaway designed and was named "The Essential Preamp".

Control amplifier DB-1 has structure which the power-source part separated, and it has the composition of having united control main part part DB-1 (157,000yen) and power-source part DB-2 (41,000yen).

Pursuing the basic engine performance of a preamplifier thoroughly, the circuit has the composition with cascode amplifier of not using the differential amplifier or complimentary system, either.

The wood case is attached to DB-1 which is a control main part.

There are DB-3 crossover, DB-4 head amplifier, and DB-5 tone control as an option, and it has become the design which can share these 3 models and power-source part DB-2.

Rating of a mode
Form Control amplifier
THD 0.0003%(1kHz)
0.0008% or less (20Hz - 20kHz, output 3V)
Phono input
(It is IHF-A to a 10mV input)
Signal to noise ratio (IHF-A) Phono: 89dB (input short-circuit, 10mV input)
83dB (cartridge mounting, 0.65Hz, 650ohms)
74dB (input opening)
High level: 90dB (input short-circuit, 1V output)
Maximum except take-off 6V (10kohm load)
Input sensitivity (at the time of 1V output) Phono:2mV
High level: 120mV
Phone maximum permissible input 160mV(1kHz)
Filter A low cut (only Phono): 20Hz/36 Hz, 6 dB/oct.
A high cut: 5kHz/10 kHz, 6 dB/oct.
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Main part: Width 216x height 81x depth of 178mm
Power-source part: Width 160x height 81x depth of 107mm
Weight Main part: 1.2kg
Power-source part: 1kg
Attachment Wooden case