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  Amplifier Products History
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The 70's
August, 1973 release  C-200, P-300
May release  E-202
September, 1974 release  P-250
July, 1975 release  M-60
May, 1976 release  P-20
June, 1977 release  C-220
September release  C-200S P-300S
July, 1978 release  E-303
September release  C-240
April, 1979 release  P-260
May release  C-230
June release  P-400
The 80's
June, 1980 release  C-200X, P-300X
July, 1981 release  M-100
November release  E-301
December, 1982 release  C-280
January, 1983 amendment  C-200X
March release  C-222, P-266
April release  P-600
December release  E-303X
June, 1984 release  C-200L, P-300L
December release  E-302/E-302B
May, 1985 release  P-500
April, 1986 release  C-270
January, 1987 release  C-202 P-102
February release  C-280L
July release  C-200V, P-300V
November release  M-1000
December release  E-305
July, 1988 release  P-800
February, 1989 release  P-500L
July release  P-11
October release  E-405
The 90's
December, 1990 release  C-280V  
March, 1991 release  P-360
April release  C-260
November release  E-305V A-100
April, 1992 release  C-270V
May, 1993 release  A-50
June release  E-406
November release  C-290
April, 1994 release  P-550
June release  C-250
July release  P-350
December release  E-306
April, 1995 release  E-210/E-210A E-210
June release  A-20
October release  C-275
December release  P-700
November, 1996 release  DC-300
December release  E-406V
March, 1997 release  C-265
April release  P-450
December release  E-306V M-2000
October, 1998 release  E-211
December release  C-290V A-50V
June, 1999 release  P-1000
October release  E-407
November release  DC-330
The 2000's
March, 2000 release  A-20V
May release  C-275V
June release  P-650
December release  E-307
March, 2001 release  P-370
November release  E-212
December release  C-245
February, 2002 release  E-530
July release  C-2800