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COUNTERPOINT DA-10st/DA-10UA DA-10st:480,000yen(around the 1994 time)
DA-10UA:580,000yen(around the 1994 time)

The D/A converter corresponding to [ incorporate the view of the counter point no one but to a digital play, and ] various conversion systems.

In the 20-bit resolution DAC chip of an Analog Devices, and DA-10UA, as for the D/A conversion part of DA-10st, 20 bits of duals of Ultraanalog carry DAC.
Since no operational amplifier is used for the core of a chip, for sound, there is no necessity for harmful negative feedback, and more natural reproducibility has been obtained.

The newest receiver chip of crystal Semiconductor which has established reputation in a digital audio interface part with reliability CS8412 is adopted. The Jitter ingredient which influences the accuracy of a digital section by this is stopped to conventional one fourth.

In DA-10 series, the DAC trim which can adjust the linearity at the time of a minute level the optimal is carried in the front panel. Thereby, the linearity at the time of a minute level can be optimized.
In DA-10UA, although adjustment of this trimmer is unnecessary, at the time of use, LED turns on DA10-AD20 which is a DAC card of an option, and adjustment becomes possible.

The analog stage, and the current / voltage conversion stage were used as the zero feedback amplifier of completeness discrete composition, and degradation of the signal which was not avoided in the voltage / current conversion by the conventional 100% feedback type operational amplifier is eliminated.

The thing of counter point original was adopted as the power transformer, and it carried out by digital one and analog each section independence, and has. Furthermore, the interference to the analog section from a digital section is eliminated by having used 17 places and a decoupling power source.

A passive 3rd LC vessel type anti aliasing filter is adopted as a low pass filter, and common overshooting and ringing, and group delay are reduced in the high order steep filter at it.

Parts selected carefully, such as loader Stein metal tunic resistance and a film capacitor by TRT, are used.

The digital input carries a total of four lines of three coaxials and one optical. A coaxial is a BNC type of gilding and optical serves as ST link system.
Furthermore, the interface of a coaxial and two TOSLINK is carried as tape input and output which connect a DAT deck.

The design which can exchange a DAC card board so that the difference in a digital conversion system can be enjoyed is used for DA-10 series.
The DAC card was sold as an option option.


Rating of a mode
Form D/A converter
System 20-bit 8 time oversampling
Sampling frequency 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
Digital sauce input Coaxial (BNC type): Three lines
Optical (ST link): One line
Digital tape input and output input: -- coaxial (BNC type): -- one line
Optical (TOSLINK): One line
output: -- coaxial (BNC type): -- one line
Optical (TOSLINK): One line
Jitter 50 or less (crystal Semiconductor make CS8412 use) pS
Digital filter Burr-Brown 8 time oversampling digital filter
Post filter 3rd order passive LC vessel filter
Analog output RCA type
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz+0 -3dB (at the time of a 44.1kHz sampling)
THD 0.009% or less (20Hz - 20kHz)
Output voltage 2.1Vrms
Output load impedance 120ohms
The maximum Dimensions DA-10st: Width 483x height 65x depth of 313mm
DA-10UA: Width 483x height 65x depth of 315mm
Weight DA-10st:5.5kg
Option Crystal Semiconductor DA10-CS18
An 18-bit delta / sigma DAC (58,000yen)
Analog Devices DA10-AD20
20 bit DAC (49,000yen)
Ultraanalog DA10-UA20
Dual 20 bit DAC (138,000yen)