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COTTER Mark 2 TypeP/PP/S/L TypeP/PP/S: 185,000 yen(1979 release)
220,000 yen(around the 1980 time)
TypeL: 240,000 yen(1979 release)

A pressure-up transformer with four kinds of Type P/Type PP/Type S and Type L of a special edition article.

Type P becomes low impedance types, such as Ortofon, Type PP becomes EMT, and Type S has become high impedance types, such as Denon.
These three kinds are imported as common Type EX, and are set and shipped to either of three according to a user's hope in a store. Moreover, it is possible to perform the conversion between each type after purchase.

TypeL of a special edition article is only with an Output load impedances [ 1ohm-6ohm ] for a cartridge, and a conversion in other types cannot be performed.

The silver wire triaxial cable with transmission without a loss and the effect excellent in exclusion of external noise of the Cotter original is attached (this cable was put on the market also as a single article).

Rating of a mode
Form MC pressure-up transformer
Pressure-up ratio TypeP:16.28
Dimensions Width 76x height 55x depth of 150mm
Weight 1.3kg