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CORAL X-VIII 113,000 yen(around the one-set, walnut finishing, and 1980 time)
108,000 yen(around the one-set, black finishing, and 1980 time)

The floor type speaker system of two ways which become the strong enclosure from a 30cm Woofer, a sectoral horn, and a compression driver.

Tone control is carried and the characteristic of a high region can be controlled from an inside region.

Multi-amplifier input terminal loading.


Rating of a mode
System 2 ways, a 2 speaker multi-slit bass-reflex system, and a floor type
Use unit For low-pass: 30cm corn type
For high regions: Phon type (M-104, AH-502)
Impedance 8ohms
Program sauce input 100W
Play frequency band 30Hz - 20000Hz
Output sound pressure level 96dB/W-m
Dimensions Width 470x height 885x depth of 440mm
Weight 40kg