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69,800 (one set, the 1979 release)

The book shelf type speaker system which adopted the hard dome unit of original development in order to correspond to new generation sauce including PCM sauce.

The 31cm corn type Woofer is carried in low-pass.
The corn by the new process which blended the paper bush and needle-leaf tree of the department of a fragrant daphne is adopted as corn paper, and the waist has realized the diaphragm which was strongly rich in elasticity.
Furthermore, the edgewise volume of the large caliber which uses a copper streamlined wire is adopted as a voice coil, and heat-resistant improvement and low distortion-ization are attained. Moreover, the ferrite magnet is adopted as a magnetic circuit.

The 9cm hard dome shape squawker is carried in the inside region.
In order to realize the broadband characteristic, the diaphragm was completed by the process original with a Coral, and the Mg-Cu addition super-hard light-alloy diaphragm is adopted as it. In this diaphragm, hardness of 3 times or more and shearing strength are realized compared with the conventional super duralumin diaphragm.
Impregnation of the resin was carried out to edge, and also the Than Gen Shal edge which coated the resin in which character differs and was heat-treated was adopted, and the braking effect and form maintenance capability for pulling out the characteristic of a super-hard light-alloy diaphragm have been acquired.
Furthermore, in order to perform the relation with a Woofer smoothly, the back cavity was filled up with the sound-absorbing material, and low fo (280Hz) is secured. Moreover, the high precision equalizer was formed in the front of a diaphragm, an improvement of directional characteristics and disorder of the frequency response produced out of a zone were lost, and the relation with a tweeter has also improved.
The large-sized ferrite magnet is adopted as the edgewise volume of the aluminum wire use by the large caliber of 70mmphi, and a magnetic circuit at the voice coil.

The 3.6cm hard dome shape tweeter is carried in the high region.
Taking in a super-hard metal by an original process like a squawker to a diaphragm, edge is a diaphragm and the Than Gen Shal edge of integral moulding. This pressed down unnecessary resonance and the Tran Gent characteristic is improved.
Furthermore, interference distortion is made to reduce with a highly precise equalizer, and improvement in directional characteristics is aimed at.

The optimal constant is adopted as the determination of the constant of a network part by not only the check of an electrical property but the cut and try which thought the hearing as important.
Furthermore, in order to demonstrate the transient response characteristic of each unit, the coil containing a lamination core of the magnetic material selected carefully is used for a metallized film capacitor and a coil at the capacitor.
Furthermore, the cord of 50 cores is adopted as internal wiring.

The high-density chipboard of special edition is adopted as the enclosure as an object for audios, and resonance is controlled by performing reinforcement processing to the key point.
Moreover, finishing is mahogany tone 4th page finishing.

Woofer A
Squawker Tweeter Cut

Rating of a mode
System 3 ways, 3 speaker bass-reflex system, and a book shelf type
Use unit For low-pass: 31cm corn type
For inside regions: 9cm dome shape
For high regions: 3.6cm dome shape
Impedance 8ohms
Program sauce input 120W
The moment maximum input 240W
Play frequency band 30Hz - 30kHz
Crossover frequency 470Hz, 5kHz
Output sound pressure level normal:94dB/W/m
The maximum sound pressure level 118dB
Dimensions Width 390x height 710x depth of 350mm
Weight 27kg