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This speaker system inherits the design philosophy of the X-VII and is compatible with digital sources.

A 26 cm cone type woofer is installed in the low range.
The corn paper uses straight corn with corrugations blended with pulp by Coral's unique manufacturing method to realize a light and light and strong corn.
In addition, the linearity at high power is improved by combining with dampers to improve linearity and voice coils to improve transient characteristics.

Equipped with 7 cm hard dome type skoker in the middle area.
In order to receive as wide a band as possible, we have independently developed and adopted Mg-Cu added super-hard alloy, which is much harder and lighter than conventional super duralumin, for the diaphragm material.
In addition, a wide-band squaker has been realized by using an equalizer to improve tangential edges and directional characteristics, a large back cavity to lower fo, an edge-wise-wound voice coil of aluminum ribbon wire to improve transient characteristics, and a large ferrite magnet.

A 2 cm hard dome type tweeter is installed in the high range.
The diaphragm is a Mg-Cu added ultra-hard light alloy diaphragm similar to the SCOKER. By installing a high-precision equalizer, distortion is reduced and directional characteristics are improved.

In the Network Division, the constant is determined based on hearing, and the use of laminated core coils made of carefully selected magnetic materials and metallized film capacitors are used to improve sound quality.

The enclosure is provided with appropriate reinforcement to control resonance.
In addition, as a bass reflex enclosure, we are focusing on matching with woofer from hearing and measurement.

Model Rating
Method 3-Way, 3-Speaker, Bass reflex system, Bookshelf Type
Units Used For low band : 26 cm cone type
For Middle Area : 7 cm Dome Type
For High Pass : 2 cm Dome Type
Impedance 6 Ω
Program source input 110W
Instantaneous maximum input 220W
Playback frequency band 30 Hz to 35 kHz
Crossover frequency 600 Hz, 6 kHz
Output sound pressure level 92dB/W/m
External dimensions Width 315x Height 585x Depth 320 mm
Weight 18kg