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43,800 yen(one-set, around the 1980 time)

The speaker system which inherited the design philosophy of X-VII and aimed at correspondence to digital sauce.

The 26cm corn type Woofer is carried in low-pass.
The straight corn with corrugation which blended pulp by the process original with a Coral is adopted as corn paper, and the light tough corn is realized.
Furthermore, the linearity at the time of high power is improved with combination with the voice coil which aimed at improvement in the damper and transient which aimed at the improvement of a linearity.

The 7cm hard dome shape squawker is carried in the inside region.
In order to make a broadband take charge of as much as possible, from conventional super duralumin, far, hard moreover, the light Mg-Cu addition super-hard metal was uniquely developed for the diaphragm material, and is adopted as it.
Furthermore, the broadband squawker is realized by adopting the edgewise volume voice coil of the equalizer which improves the Than Gen Shal edge and directional characteristics, the large-sized back cavity which makes fo low, and the aluminum streamlined wire which aimed at improvement in a transient, a large-sized ferrite magnet, etc.

The 2cm hard dome shape tweeter is carried in the high region.
The Mg-Cu addition super-hard light-alloy diaphragm is adopted as a diaphragm like a squawker, and the improvement of distorted reduction and directional characteristics is aimed at by forming a highly precise equalizer.

The network part is aiming at a sound quality improvement, such as using metallized film capacitors including the coil containing a lamination core of the magnetic material which determined the constant and was selected carefully by hearing serious consideration.

The enclosure has controlled resonance by giving suitable reinforcement.
Moreover, matching with a Woofer is cornered from a hearing and measurement as bass-reflex type enclosure.

Cut A

Rating of a mode
System 3 ways, 3 speaker bass-reflex system, and a book shelf type
Use unit For low-pass: 26cm corn type
For inside regions: 7cm dome shape
For high regions: 2cm dome shape
Impedance 6ohms
Program sauce input 110W
The moment maximum input 220W
Play frequency band 30Hz - 35kHz
Crossover frequency 600Hz, 6kHz
Output sound pressure level 92dB/W/m
Dimensions Width 315x height 585x depth of 320mm
Weight 18kg