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138,000 yen(one set, the 1985 release)

4 way speaker system which operated the highest unit in the best piston motion zone, and was developed by the basis of the concept of investigating the high musicality and art of a quality.

The 31cm corn type Woofer is carried in low-pass.
In order to aim at correspondence to digital sauce, the carbon graphite corn is adopted as a diaphragm, and also rigidity is improved by making into two-layer structure in piles the corn in which angles differed on the two-sheet same axle. Moreover, a circle-like hollow is established in the portion of the root of a corn, high frequency is cut, the resonance of a chamber is suppressed, and intensity is raised.
A balanced type magnetism circuit is adopted as a magnetic circuit, and the movement toward the upper and lower sides is kept equal. a voice coil is an edgewise volume of an oxygen-free-copper line -- furthermore, long -- since a voice coil, high imitation nature has been obtained also in the Dainyuu power.
A thing 160mm in diameter is adopted as a magnet, distortion by back electromotive force is controlled by attaching a copper cap to a pole, and the rise of impedance is suppressed.

The 10cm hard dome shape squawker is carried in inside low-pass.
The newly developed material is adopted as a diaphragm and high efficiency of 97dB is realized by a balanced type magnetism circuit and adopting a copper cap like a Woofer.
It is light to a voice coil and the edgewise volume of the high copper Klatt aluminum wire of a conductometric is adopted as it, and though it is a squawker, wide-range-ization (150Hz - 10kHz) is realized as the simple substance characteristic.
The equalizer is using polycarbonate, it has structure which does not resonate easily, and 52S material which can be used also for a diaphragm is supplied to the frame.
Furthermore, the low-pass characteristic is improved by preparing a back cavity.

The 6cm hard dome shape high-speed-steel coker is carried in the mid-high range.
Relation of sound is improved by adopting the same diaphragm as a squawker, and also supposing that it is structurally the same.
The high-definition play in a piston motion zone is enabled by using only 4kHz - 8kHz with a unit simple substance, although a play (500Hz - 20kHz) is possible.

The 2.2cm hard dome shape tweeter is carried in the high region.
The same material as a squawker and a high-speed-steel coker is used for the diaphragm, and flattening is attained to the play limit of a unit by forming lightweight high rigidity.
A play (5kHz - 40kHz) is possible for this unit, and the crossover is set as 8kHz or more.

The distributed architecture which made the wiring board of a Woofer and crown compass become independent completely is used for a network part.
The silicon steel plate core excellent in the characteristic in a low-pitched sound region is adopted as the coil of a Woofer, a 1.4mm oxygen-free-copper line is coiled, and improvement in the engine performance is aimed at. Moreover, the good fair light core of the high region characteristic is adopted as the coil of a mid-high range, and the oxygen-free-copper line is twisted.
About the special electrolytic condenser of new development [ object / for Woofers ], a capacitor is a black gate capacitor to a low-pass cut for squawkers,WT capacitor is adopted as a high-speed-steel coker, MF capacitor is adopted as a tweeter, and adoption in which the characteristic of each capacitor was employed efficiently is performed.
Moreover, low distorted-ization is attained with sticking-by-pressure wiring, and the 0.18mmphi56 core oxygen-free-copper line is used for internal wiring material.

Highest-class high-density particle board is used for the baffle before and after the enclosure, re-plywood of the two 15mm thickness is carried out, and intensity is raised. Moreover, diffraction phenomena are reduced because front and back gives a round baffle.
The thing of 25mm thickness is used for pleuron, and also the time of the 20mm thick board has been carried out to the side, the top plate, and the sole plate as reinforcement, respectively, and the thickness of pleuron has become 45mm. Furthermore, two reinforcements are fixed to a front baffle at the transverse direction. Moreover, rigidity is improved to the rear baffle by using a front baffle mechanism omission board for reinforcement, and also passing a gusset plate all around.


Rating of a mode
System 4 ways, 4 speakers, a sealing system, and a book shelf type
Use unit For low-pass: 31cm corn type
For inside low-pass: 10cm dome shape
For mid-high ranges: 6cm dome shape
For high regions: 2.2cm dome shape
Play frequency band 25Hz - 40kHz
The minimum resonance frequency 37Hz
Impedance 6ohms
Program sauce input 150W
The moment maximum input 300W
Crossover frequency 280Hz, 4kHz, 8kHz
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
Dimensions Width 395x height 746x depth of 380mm
Weight 40kg