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79,800 yen(one set, the 1983 release)

The book shelf type speaker system developed as a speaker corresponding to the digital audio age based on experience and know-how which were accumulated by X series.

The 31cm corn type Woofer is carried in low-pass.
The pulp of domestic production or a Northern Europe system was blended in the diaphragm, and the corn paper strengthened with the thermosetting polymer is adopted as it. With this corn, mass and rigidity are improved 50% or more by the conventional ratio.
Moreover, the vibration system of the edgewise volume voice coil (long stroke type) of a high linearity damper and an oxygen-free-copper streamlined wire and the magnetic circuit of 160mmphi are carried.

The 9cm hard dome shape squawker is carried in the inside region.
The newly developed ATMC super-hard light alloy is adopted as a diaphragm material. Furthermore, in order to improve rigidity, without increasing weight, surface preparation of the inside-and-outside side is carried out to Hv500 with the advanced thick film near the sapphire beyond conventional ratio 2.7 time, and the suitable internal loss is given by sandwich.
The Than Gen Shal system with the sufficient linearity in the form of edge was adopted, and in order to perform the relation with a Woofer smoothly, low fo (250Hz) is secured.
Moreover, the relation with a tweeter and phase equalization are improved by improvement of an equalizer.
The pure aluminum streamlined wire is strengthened with the tunic of oxygen free copper in the voice coil, and input-proof [ high ]-ization is attained to it.

The 3.6cm hard dome shape tweeter using an ATMC diaphragm is carried in the high region like an inside region.
While having adopted a diaphragm and the Than Gen Shal edge of integral moulding as edge, suppressing unnecessary resonance and acquiring the outstanding Tran Gent characteristic, with the highly precise equalizer, interference distortion was made to reduce and directional characteristics are improved.

The constant is determined and used for a network part by the cut and try which thought the hearing as important.
Moreover, in order to demonstrate the Tran Gent characteristic of each unit, the coil containing a lamination corr of a metallized film capacitor and the magnetic material selected carefully is used. Furthermore, the cord of an oxygen-free-copper line is used for internal wiring.

It is the enclosure with walnut native wood finish of companion thickness, and is assembling by the working accuracy and intensity of computer control.
moreover, connection reinforcement of front and rear, right and left -- perfect rigid-body structure is carried out by a crosspiece, the thorough measures against a standing wave are taken, and peculiar resonance of the enclosure is reduced.

The speaker cable of an oxygen-free-copper line (0.18mm phix56 cores) is attached.

Cut Directional-characteristics
Woofer Squawker
Squawker Tweeter

Rating of a mode
System 3 ways, 3 speaker bass-reflex system, and a book shelf type
Use unit For low-pass: 31cm corn type
For inside regions: 9cm dome shape
For high regions: 3.6cm dome shape
Play frequency band 28Hz - 33kHz
Impedance 8ohms
Program sauce input 150W
The moment maximum input 300W
Crossover frequency 450Hz, 6kHz
Output sound pressure level 95dB/W/m
Dimensions Width 390x height 710x depth of 380mm
Weight 31kg
Attachment Speaker cable (3m)