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This bookshelf speaker system was born from research on Coral speaker technology and the latest technology.

A 30 cm cone type woofer is installed in the low range.
A newly developed microcrystal cone paper is used for the diaphragm. The material of this cone is carefully selected from among a wide variety of pulps, and the pulp is entangled and moderate internal loss is achieved by a special papering method. The surface of the cone is coated with hollow crystal fine particles with a specific gravity of 0.3 and a diameter of about 0.1 mm. This creates a highly flexible cone paper with a high Young modulus and suppresses split vibrations of 2 khz or less.
High linear type free edge with rich linearity is used for the edge. This increases the linearity in the middle and low frequency range. The material with moderate mechanical loss and the coating material with excellent flexibility, weather resistance and aging resistance absorb the reflection in the middle range and suppress the distortion.

The mid-range is equipped with a soft dome type squaker.
The diaphragm is made of fabric woven from carefully selected fibers and double coated with a damping agent on both sides.
In addition, the voice coil uses CCAW to maintain the optimum mass balance with the diaphragm, expand the high-range limit, and improve transient characteristics and resolution.

A hard dome type tweeter is installed in the high range.
The diaphragm is made of 18 micron thick super duralumin and heat treated by precision electric furnace. The directivity and high frequency characteristics are improved by attaching a wide-diffusion type equalizer (Pat, P.).
The voice coil is edge-wise wound with ribbon wire of high conductivity aluminum alloy to reduce weight.

It is equipped with a change-over type attenuator that can be changed in three stages independently for the middle band and high band.

A ferrite core coil is used for the low frequency band of the network, and it is designed not to generate non-linear strain even under Dainyu force. A Meiler capacitor is used for the high and middle frequency bands.

The enclosure has a symmetrical design with an emphasis on directional characteristics.
In addition, high-density multi-layer particleboards are used for the material, and in order to add sufficient reinforcement, the side plate, baffle plate and back plate are reinforced by taking into account the vibration of the box.
Three types of sound absorbing materials, ester wool, Tetoron wool and soft felt sound absorbing materials, which have better sound absorbing effects than general glass wool, are used to prevent the occurrence of standing waves.
The enclosure surfaces are finished with a Brazilian Rose natural wood veneer finish with rigid polyurethane and layers.

The sa RUNNET uses an ester jersey made of jacquard cloth.

Model Rating
Method 3-Way, 3-Speaker, Airtight Type, Bookshelf Type
Units Used For low band : 30 cm cone type
For Middle Area : Dome Type
For High Frequency : Dome Type
Playback frequency band 35 Hz to 40 kHz
Impedance 8 Ω
Program source input 80W
Crossover frequency 1.5 kHz, 8 kHz
Output sound pressure level (new JIS) 93dB/m
External dimensions Width 350x Height 580x Depth 314 mm
Weight 17kg