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Multi-High Power Series 5-way speaker system, an improved version of the High Power Series.

A 30 cm cone type woofer is installed in the low range.
Conventional Coral products have adopted a large magnet magnetic circuit and a 70 φ large-diameter voice coil, which were used in 38 cm class units. Combined with Coral's unique long travel voice coil and sky-bar edge, this product achieves large input, high efficiency and low Fo.

It is equipped with a 16 cm cone type squaker for the middle and low range and a 13 cm cone type squaker for the middle and high range.
These units use a dome radiator made of Super Duralumin to improve the connection from the mid-range to the high-range, and a newly developed damper provides appropriate braking to achieve a flatter frequency response.
The frame has a completely sealed structure to eliminate the adverse effect of the back pressure of the woofer.

A 9 cm cone type tweeter is installed in the high range.
Large input and high efficiency are achieved by a lightweight large diameter voice coil using a strong magnetic circuit and aluminum wire.

Two horn type tweeters are installed in the super high range.
A film diaphragm is used for the diaphragm and the weight reduction of the vibration system enables high-frequency reproduction at 25 kHz.

Equipped with level control, you can adjust the middle and high ranges independently.

The enclosure uses a bass reflex system.
The exterior features a walnut polyurethane finish, and the front grill features a RUNNET reversible grill with a handmade grating and aluminum sash.

In addition to the normal input terminal, an independent input terminal is mounted for each band of low band, middle band (middle low band, middle high band) and high band (high band and ultra high band). Multi-amplifier driving is possible by preparing a channel divider and amplifier.
The all-band input is also equipped with a jack that can be easily connected with a plug.

Model Rating
Method 5-Way, 6-Speaker, Bass Reflex System, Bookshelf Type
Units Used For low band : 30 cm cone type
For middle and low band : 16 cm cone type
For Middle and High Range : 12 cm Cone Type
For high range : 9 cm cone type
For Super High Range : 2 horn types
Impedance 8 Ω
Playback frequency band 25 Hz to 25 kHz
Max Input 100W (Music)
Crossover frequency 800 Hz, 1 kHz, 5 kHz, 7 kHz
Output sound pressure level 102dB/W
External dimensions Width 377x Height 657x Depth 290 mm
Weight 22kg
Each band when multi-amplifier is driven
Low pass Mid-range High range
Frequency characteristic 25 Hz to 3 kHz 700 Hz to 9 kHz 4 kHz to 25 kHz
Used frequency band 25 Hz to 2 kHz 800 Hz to 8 kHz 6 kHz to 25 kHz
Impedance 8 Ω
Cutoff attenuation 12dB/oct. or more
Crossover frequency Low to mid range : 800 Hz to 1 kHz
Mid to High : 6 kHz to 9 kHz
Amplifier output 80W 60W 40W
Combined amplifier output 10W ~ 80W 5W ~ 60W 5W ~ 40W