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CORAL BX-85 momoyama
29,660 yen(one set, in the middle 1960's?)

The speaker system of alcove series developed supposing use in an alcove.

The 30cm corn type Woofer by which the establishment meter was specially carried out to BX-85 is adopted as low-pass.
A powerful magnetism circuit and sky bar edge are adopted.

The 16cm corn type squawker is adopted as the inside region.
The inside of a cabinet is sealed with metal covering, and the bad influence from a Woofer is prevented.

The super duralumin diaphragm, the phon type tweeter by an edgewise voice coil, and the 9cm corn type super tweeter are adopted as a high region.

LC type network is adopted as a network part.
Moreover, the level control which can adjust a high region according to liking is carried.

The enclosure serves as oil finishing which harnessed the grain of the walnut with the encapsulated type.
Moreover, the front mechanism is designed work as an acoustic lens.

Rating of a mode
System 3 ways, 4 speakers, a sealing system, and a book shelf type
Use unit
For low-pass :
For inside regions :
For high regions :
30cm corn type
16cm corn type
6.5cm corn type
Phon type
Impedance 8ohms
Play frequency band 50Hz - 20000Hz
Music power 25W
Crossover frequency 1000Hz, 4000Hz
Output sound pressure level 98dB/W
Dimensions Width 700x height 400x depth of 300mm
Weight 17.5kg