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The Tokonoma series speaker system was developed for use in the Tokonoma.

A 25 cm cone woofer is used for the low range, an 8x25cm horn squaker for the middle range, and a 9 cm cone tweeter for the high range.

The cabinet features a floor-leak-load system that improves bass playback despite its small size. In addition, the three sides of the cabinet are latticed to express the feel of traditional Japanese beauty such as shoji and wheat bran.
It is finished with a walnut flat grain and urethane finish.

Model Rating
Method 3-way, 3-speaker, floor leak road system, floor type
Units Used For low band : 25 cm cone type
For Medium Range : 8x25cm horn type
For high range : 9 cm cone type
Impedance 8 Ω
Playback frequency band 50 Hz to 20000 Hz
Music power 16W
Crossover frequency 1500 Hz, 8000 Hz
Output sound pressure level 102dB/W
External dimensions Width 450x Height 520x Depth 445 mm
Weight 13kg