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A 2-way speaker system with a unique pattern on the front net.

A 16 cm cone type woofer is installed in the low range.
High compliance skybar edge and long travel voice coil are used to reduce distortion.

A horn type tweeter is installed in the high frequency range.
Special synthetic resin is used for the diaphragm, and die cast is used for the horn.

The front of the enclosure features an arabesque design, hand-finished one by one and designed in bronze.
Acoustic plywood is used as the base material of the enclosure to reduce harmful resonance sound, and glass fiber absorption is applied to prevent reflections and standing waves from occurring inside the cabinet.

The front net is not removable.

Model Rating
Method 2-Way, 2-Speaker, Airtight Type, Bookshelf Type
Units Used For low band : 16 cm cone type
For High Frequency : Horn Type
Impedance 8 Ω
Playback frequency band 50 Hz to 20 kHz
Max Input 15W
Crossover frequency 4kHz(6dB/oct)
Output sound pressure level 98dB/W
External dimensions Width 268x Height 368x Depth 220 mm
Weight 4.5kg